Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 25, 2008)

SIA PUSHES OUR BUTTONS blogger Colin Schoenberger recently came across an interview with Australian singer Sia in which she reveals that she has a girlfriend. She told Attitude magazine that she’s having “love problems.” And then it got interesting:

Is he an American boy?
Sia: It’s a girl, and yeah, she’s American. She’s kind of like a boy. An immaculate transition.

Is it serious?
Sia: It is for me. For her, I don’t know.

An “immaculate transition”? Is that what happens when the Pope and Max from The L Word walk into a bar?

Sia’s new album is called Some People Have Real Problems, and the album art captures what happens when you’re a person who has real problems with a marker:

Here’s the video for the single “Buttons” from that album:



Since that pretty much terrified me, here’s the video for “Day Too Soon” as an antidote (also from the new album):



We’ll have an interview with Sia sometime in the next few weeks. And her North American tour starts in February; check her MySpace page for details. You can also catch her on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Jan. 25. I hope they hide all their writing utensils and cellophane tape before she gets to the studio.

Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule, best known for that catchy tune “I Kissed a Girl,” would like you to finance her next CD. On her new website,, she and her mom (yes, her mom) ask you to help them raise $75,000 for a new record. So far she’s collected more than $25,000 — Jerry Lewis, eat your heart out!

You can donate at various levels, from “Polished Rock Level” to “Weapons-Grade Plutonium Level,” which offers this reward:

You get to come and sing on my CD. Don’t worry if you can’t sing — we can fix that on our end. Also, you can always play the cowbell.

Here’s that classic song if you need a refresher:



I need more cowbell!