Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 25, 2008)

In March, the series High School Reunion will debut on TV Land. (This is not to be confused with the WB series of the same name. Way to be creative, people.) The show reunites alumni of a Texas high school in Hawaii for a two-week getaway. The cast includes Kat Feller, who is identified in the press materials as “the lesbian.” I wonder if they’re going to put that on her nametag?

Kat is a Hollywood voiceover artist who hasn’t seen her classmates in 20 years and hasn’t yet told them she’s gay. Here she is alongside her high school yearbook picture:

Aww. That’s not bad for a yearbook picture. Some of mine would probably earn me the nickname “the Patrick Nagel poster gone horribly wrong.” And I guess her nickname isn’t as bad as some of the others, like Kirstin “the spoiled girl,” Steve “the backstabber” and Justin “the pipsqueak.” Still, it’s the only nickname that is based on a contestant’s identity, rather than his or her personality. What’s next: a wedgie?

Tune in March 5 to see how the reunion works out for Kat. If they challenge her to an air-guitar-via-pool-cue contest, she’s totally gonna win.

Look for our interview with Kat in March.

A few weeks ago, Malinda gave us the low-down (I mean, the Lo-Down) on the queer films at the Sundance Film Festival. I was especially interested in Sunshine Cleaning, starring Emily Blunt, Amy Adams and Mary Lynn Rajskub (the latter plays a lesbian who is the lucky object of Blunt’s character’s affections). The film is produced by the same crew that brought us Little Miss Sunshine — I guess they really like that word.

This week we got good news and bad news about Sunshine Cleaning, all at once. It seems there was originally a kiss between Blunt and Rajskub, but that scene has been cut from the film. I don’t think Mary Lynn approves.

Still, early reviews are positive, so I haven’t lost interest in Sunshine Cleaning. I’ll just have to imagine the lesbian kiss — just like I do, oh, every single time I go to the movies or watch TV.

“I played Maureen the bisexual so I got to kiss girls and run around on stage grabbing t–s. A whole new experience for me.” — Denise Van Outen on, of her role in Rent in London’s West End