Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Buff

OK, I’m going to tell you right
up front what I’m writing about: Sarah Michelle
Vaseline. Go ahead. Let your mind go there. SMG and I will wait.

The real story is not even
close to the one in your sordid imagination. But it does involve seeing
a whole lot of skin — and very beautiful skin at that.

Yep, that’s Sarah, the newest celebrity to take it all
off for Vaseline. You may remember that SMG has eschewed nudity in her
film roles, despite playing a few less-than-wholesome parts like Kathryn in Cruel Intentions. And I’m
still scratching my head about her

Maxim spread.
But Gellar’s nudity is far from titillating in this ad campaign. Well,
not intentionally. Personally, though, I find nothing quite as alluring
as a soft, feminine neck.

The photos are part of Vaseline’s
Skin Visions campaign. Gellar is the “Mystery Celebrity,” but clues like “starred
opposite an Angel,” “carries a Grudge” and “has
questionable Intentions” pretty much wipe out the mystery part.
The site promises to reveal more as the contest to guess who she is goes on. Here’s
the latest photo — a tastefully manicured hand resting on the kind of
arm that makes tank tops so very appealing.

For a nice pan of Gellar’s
Buffyness, visit the campaign’s Welcome page. The video runs for a few seconds
right when you land, so if you miss it — or just want another look —
simply refresh the page.

Strictly for research purposes,
I checked to see what other celebrities have fleshed themselves out
for Vaseline. Amanda Bynes has incredibly lovely legs, among other things.

And I could not in good conscience
keep this image of Hilary Duff‘s neck to myself. (Hey, Hilary!)

Other participants in the campaign include Minnie
a very pregnant Kim Raver

and Laila Ali.

After that, I can’t think of
anything else to say. Except that women are magnificent. Sigh.