We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.4

This week we took advantage of Sarah and Lori’s visit to Los Angeles and tricked Sarah into joining us on the vlog. We promised (with our fingers crossed) to behave ourselves for her guest appearance, but much to our surprise, Sarah gave us the WGN treatment! With all of her sarcastic zinger-flinging, teasing, and orchestrating of ridiculous prop usage, it’s a wonder we even had time to recap the show!

When we weren’t dodging Sarah’s snark-arrows, we discussed our MIA L Word guest vlogger, why we love the name Dawn Denbo, extending WGN invitations to both Jennifer Garner and J-Lo, the ethics of "DL" parties and why we think hiring Niki Stevens to be in Jenny’s little movie was a Very Good Idea.

Along the way we threw in a couple of reenactments that involved a grueling interrogation and a self-indulgent wardrobe malfunction (of sorts). Also, Jill donned a neon pink wig and got a little frisky with a toy gun in an unexpected (and, frankly, unnecessary) homage to Sydney Bristow in Alias.

So sit back and enjoy as you watch Sarah get dragged down to our level on this week’s episode of We’re Getting Nowhere.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.4

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