TV alerts: “Bernard and Doris” and Jane

Saturday on HBO, Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes star in Bernard and Doris, the story of multimillionaire Doris Duke and her gay butler/confidant. It sounds great in theory, but the trailers kind of put me off — is this the Sarandon we know and love? It doesn’t even seem like the Rocky Horror–era campy version of her, because of course that’s definitely the Sarandon I know and love. It’s a new scenery-chewing version, I think.

Holland Taylor attended the premiere — and in multimillionaire style:

If you prefer a more literate brand of drama, check your local PBS schedule for Masterpiece. The Jane Austen marathon continues, this time with the 1995 miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

And, of course, the Grammy Awards are Sunday, with Winehouse via satellite!