We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.6

Were you as blown away by the Tina-Bette reunion this week as we were? And we love how it happened. It was the stir-fry that started a revolution! Something about seeing Bette playing June Cleaver sent Tina over the edge into the Danger Zone, and we’re so glad that she joined us went there. It was a topic of much discussion.

So this week we’re joined in the WGN Studios by actress Coley Sohn, who you may remember as Lil Mitzvah, one half of the Jewish rap duo Sappho Sisters. (Our guest last week, Meredith Scott Lynn, aka MC Jew C, is the other half of the duo. Together, they complete me.) Coley was all too willing to don a sock puppet as well as get all nebbish on us as Adele in our reenactment. We really question her judgment. Just FYI, Coley has a new web series called "Inappropriate Workplace" on ICN.tv. Do check it out!

Along with Coley, this week we discuss Bette and Jodi as lesbian "role models," the continuing reign of Dawn Denbo (and her lover, Cindi) and why Coley need not be afraid of Jill’s pouncing cats.

We hope you enjoy our reenactments of Adele’s Pretty Woman–esque transformation into Mini-Jenny. But be forewarned; we did not reenact the Tina-Bette reunion. That would just be gross. (And we all have morality clauses in our contracts anyway.)

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.6

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