Square Pegs to DVD – a totally different head. Totally.

I was pretty much of a square
peg in high school. I wasn’t cool enough to be in the popular clique,
but I didn’t really fit in with the geeks, either. So, I was a die-hard
fan of Square Pegs before the first opening credits were over.

The show was a gem, even though
it lasted only one season. But if you missed it, take heart. On May
20 — finally — Square Pegs will be released on DVD.

The show had a simple enough
premise. Two freshmen girls, Lauren and Patty, wanted to be popular.

Oh, did I mention that Sarah
Jessica Parker
played Patty? That’s why Sony is releasing Square
now — to coincide with Sex and the City: the Movie.
This is one case in which crass commercialism makes the world a better

I think Square Pegs
died young because it was ahead of its time. Anne Beatts, one
of the original Saturday Night Live writers, created the show
and gave it an edge via topical humor and alternative music. (The
, of "I Know What Boys Like" fame, did the theme

My favorite character was Muffy
Tepperman (I didn’t even have to look up the name), played by Jami
. Muffy was captain of the pep squad, science fair organizer,
head of the Morals Club, member of Future Nurses of America and the
official fundraiser for Weemawee High School’s Guatemalan child.

Devo played at her bat mitzvah. Don’t you miss Devo?

The Square Pegs DVD
will be a 3-disc set with a new interview with Parker, behind-the-scenes
footage and other "extras" like French subtitles. I don’t
know why, either. I hope the show is as good as I remember. Because
sometimes I still feel like a square peg.