The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Worst New Character: Adele Channing

Is that even her real name? Just look at those shifty, soulless eyes and her cold body language. Adele screams sociopath, but in a language only Max understood (until recently). As scribegrrrl theorized, Adele might even complete her All About Eve-il journey with a walk to the podium to pick up her Oscar for Lez Girls.

But as vile as Jenny was, no one deserved Adele. Despite her heinous machinations and backstabbing, Adele’s ultimate crime was selling out the ending of Lez Girls by sending Jenny/Jesse back to Tim/Jim and getting a three-picture deal out of it.

It’s always the quiet ones.

Best Career Move: Adele

Yes, she’s a bitch of epic proportions. But if professional advancement is the sole criteria, I have to go with Adele. With only a tattered copy of Some of Her Parts and a (sick) dream, Adele “Chameleon” Channing came from nowhere and went from being the unwashed loiterer sitting alone at The Planet to a major film director in only 127 carefully calculated, perfectly executed moves.

Actually, all she did was wait for Jenny to screw up and be there to collect the video evidence, but still. Whatever happened to those discs, anyway, and where can we buy our copies?

Even though she’s the Antichrist, Adele accomplished her goal in an industry that’s notoriously hard to break into, and for that, I begrudgingly have to admit, she excelled.