The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Way Hot: Bette and Tina’s dirty talk

For two straight women one straight women, Jennifer Beals (who is straight) and Laurel Holloman (who is not) sure do know how to fake a lesbian sex scene. On We’re Getting Nowhere, we often give props to Mia Kirshner’s acting and to Angela Robinson’s directing, but Beals and Holloman deserve two snaps up for their ability to make sexy time look so sexy.

Shane is supposed to be the group’s drool-worthy lothario, but her and Molly’s “you’re wet” scene doesn’t begin to compare to Tina’s “you’re so wet” scene with Bette.

Way Not: Jodi taking “control” of Bette

Ugh. If Jodi had given Bette some paper tails and pins and pushed her toward a poster of a donkey, I would have liked this scene. But that’s not what happened.

Instead, we got yet another awkward grappling with no physical chemistry. The added spice of a little bondage play added nothing and probably made it worse — Max and Tom had more heat.

All they were missing was a third woman with a ball gag in her mouth to complete the picture.

If Jodi returns next year and tries to blindfold anyone again, I hope she brings enough for the rest of us.