Scandal-free Britney on “How I Met Your Mother” tends to shy
away from writing about women who get more publicity from their real-life
escapades than their talent. But I have to admit, I have kind of a soft
spot for Britney Spears. Probably because I still remember her
like this.

As Dorothy Snarker reported last week, Spears is guest starring on How
I Met Your Mother
Monday evening. Cast regulars Alyson Hannigan (Lily) and Jason Segal (Marshall) praised her comic
, and Cobie
(Robin) called Spears a “true professional.” Wait — I almost missed a chance to
post a new picture of Alyson.

Britney plays Abby, the nerdy
receptionist for Ted’s dermatologist (played by Sarah Chalke).
CBS released some clips over the weekend, and Britney actually does a
pretty good job with the role.

Abby is smitten with Ted and
gradually transforms herself from mousy to sexy to get Ted’s attention.



At Ted’s next appointment,
Abby is reading the book that Ted was reading in the previous scene.



The CBS promotional clip gives
us a preview of Abby’s interactions with
Patrick Harris
). To me, Spears seems to be poking fun at herself
— a good sign, IMO.



OK, we’re not talking Emmy
Award here, but you have to admit that Britney is likeable in this role,
and she looks, well, kinda hot. I know putting her in a role like Abby
is a publicity move to help clean up her image. But the truth is, it
works. I like this Britney — and hope she sticks around.