“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.12 “Loyal and True”

Looking forward to the future — Shane and Molly are on a sidewalk, making their way to breakfast. Molly wants to know what sort of photography Shane’s interested in. Nature? This make Shane laugh, and Molly laughs with her. Sometimes they seem like a good match.

Shane: I like, um … I like portraiture.

Molly says Shane has a great eye, but how does she or anyone else know that? Have I missed something? I remember that Lara the Soup Chef dabbled in photography, but I don’t remember Shane ever talking about it. Anyway, Shane wants to go to school to perfect her great eye, but Molly doesn’t like that idea.

Shane: You don’t think I can handle going to school?
Molly: Of course I think you can handle it, but I don’t think you need to go to school. I think you need to go to work.
Shane: Yeah, but before I go to work, I’d rather learn … I don’t know, I’d like to learn technique, I’d like to learn what I’m doing. I’d rather not schluff it off.

Uh, “schluff”? Clearly you’ve already been to school, Shane — the Academy of Made-Up Words.

They kiss, and they keep on kissing, until Shane realizes Phyllis is watching them from an outdoor table. Not just Phyllis: Phyllis and Joyce.

Molly: I am not going on a lesbian double date with my mother.

Shane begs Molly to be mature and drags her over to the table. But Molly refuses to shake Joyce’s hand because “she tried to ruin my father.” Sheesh. I’m going to call you Moody, Molly.

Shane asks Phyllis to excuse them and pulls Moody aside for a little pep talk about the bummer of divorce and the importance of making your mother happy. But Molly resists. So Shane points out that Phyllis is obviously trying to get along with her daughter — despite her misgivings about service-industry Shane — and somehow that convinces Molly to give breakfast a chance. That’s all Shane is saying.

The Planet of eye-rolling — Dawn Denbo introduces Kit to a decorator. Kit rolls her eyes so much (and makes “mm hmm” faces and purses her lips and etc.), it’s both hilarious and embarrassing. The decorator says the space has “great bones.”

Kit: [muttering and walking away] Yeah, I hope you choke on them bones.

But then Kit gets a breath of fresh air, in the form of Helena. As they greet each other, Kit’s verbal tic is on full display:

Kit: Girl! Girl! Girl! Oh, girl!

They exchange bad news, of jellyfish and Denbo, then sit down to have some coffee. (And cookies, says Helena. Hee.)

The double date — Phyllis, Joyce, Molly and Shane are discussing an internship for Molly. Joyce apparently tried for the same internship, but her score wasn’t high enough.

Shane: What score’s that?
Molly: LSAT. It’s a test you take to get into law school.

Oh, come on. Shane has probably heard of the LSAT! Well, maybe not. She awkwardly asks whether Molly got a “good grade,” and Phyllis says it’s better than good:

Phyllis: Molly scored in the top 2 percent nationally.

And that’s why she has a Supreme Court internship. A whuh? Before law school? I don’t think they do that. I think the only thing they have for pre-law students is an “office research” internship that, according to the Court’s own website, “is completely unrelated to the case work of the Supreme Court.” Molly is so brilliant, she’s going to shuffle papers for Scalia’s secretary.

But never mind; Molly doesn’t want the whoop-de-do internship anyway. She’d rather spend the summer surfing in Honolulu with Shane. And that little revelation makes the breakfast table overflow with tension.

And what’s the perfect tension-breaker? Masticating with Joyce! Her chomping used to bother me, but right now I’m just savoring it. So to speak.

Phyllis thinks Molly is doing this to get back at her, but Molly knows just how to deflect that:

Molly: I’m not doing this to get back at you. I’m so beyond that. I’m accepting your life choices. And if you and Joyce decide to get married, I hope you invite me and Shane to the wedding. All I ask is the same respect from you.

Shane’s face perfectly expresses my feelings about this scene.

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