“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.12 “Loyal and True”

Another off-key resolution — At SheBar, Dawn Denbo sees a “gorgeous woman” named Helena. She tries to chat her up, no doubt hoping for a little VIP-room action. Helena doesn’t really respond, and it’s fun to watch Denbo’s giant ego start to deflate. But it’s short-lived: Shane, Kit, Molly, Jenny and Alice arrive and interrupt the flirting.

Dawn Denbo: How in the f— did you get past my door? Because you know what? You skanks really need to leave now. Even though you have a stunner of a friend here. [to Helena] Hi. Oh, wait a minute, Helena Peabody. Isn’t your mom the —
Helena: [to her friends] She’s telling us to leave?

Shane nods, adorably.

Helena: [putting her stunning face very close to Dawn Denbo’s] I’m afraid you can’t do that.
Dawn Denbo: Really. Why can’t I, pretty little rich girl? [seeing Kit] F—in’ Porter. What?
Kit: We own this place.

Just like Ivan, Dawn’s investors were more than happy to sell. Dawn Denbo doesn’t understand how they got the names of her investors. All eyes land on Cindi.

Dawn Denbo: What the f— did you do?
Cindi: Who, me? How could I do anything when I don’t have a thought in my head? That’s what you tell people, right? That “she doesn’t have a thought in her head”?

Denbo grabs Cindi’s chin, but Helena intervenes.

Helena: Get your dirty little hands off her, Denbo!
Dawn Denbo: Why should I?
Helena: Because she’s with me.
Cindi: By the way: The name’s Tucker. Not “her lover Cindi.” It’s Cindi Annabelle Tucker.

Dawn Denbo: I was done with you anyway.

Kit tells Dawn she can go home, or she can do the dishes or the floor. Our gang flips Dawn Denbo off collectively and offers various other rude gestures, and that’s that.

Well, it was fun. Just not thrilling, like it should have been. “I was done with you anyway”? Nah, she should have gone ballistic.

Yet another wrong ending — I feel like this episode is a Choose Your Own Adventure book and I keep making the wrong choice and ending up abandoned in the desert or on a planet with a toxic atmosphere.

This time, the wrong turn is Shane’s. She and Molly are dancing cheek-to-cheek one moment, and then the next, Shane’s sending Molly to the bar for a drink. While Molly is gone, Shane flirts with an innocent bystander. Molly sees the whole thing, of course.

Molly: I know what you’re doing.
Shane: I’m not doing anything.
Molly: You are. You’re freaking out, and you’re scared, and you owe it to me and to you to give this a chance.
Shane: Molly, I’m not freaking out. I never promised you anything.
Molly: Yes, you did. In bed this morning, when you kissed me and you held me, those were promises.

Wah. Shane, you dummy.

Shane finally mumbles that Molly “misunderstood” her. Yeah, by all means, make it worse.

Molly: So what do girls do now? Throw their drink in your face?
Shane: Yeah, sometimes they do.
Molly: I’m not going to do that. You don’t deserve that. You deserve compassion. But I’m not going to try to save you. It’s something you have to do for yourself, so. Good luck figuring your s— out. Um, take your time. Hopefully, I’ll still be around.

Shane hangs her head. Gah, what a mess. I don’t get it: Did she really take all of Phyllis’ rambling to heart? Or is this just a knee-jerk reaction, an old habit? Whatever it is, it sucks.

Anguish — Bette doesn’t understand why Jodi would humiliate her in front of everyone she cares about. (Tina, by the way, was not at the show. Small mercies.)

Tina: That’s why she did it. [stroking Bette’s hair] You should just let go. You should just try and let go.
Bette: The only reason I can is because I’m with you.

As Dara points out in The Best and Worst of Season 5, Bette and Tina are posed like John Lennon and Yoko Ono in that famous Leibovitz photograph. But, um, why? Is Bette about to be shot in front of the Dakota?

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