“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.12 “Loyal and True”

Sunny day, sweeping the smog away — It’s time for the Lez Girls wrap party. I don’t know why we get another extreeeemely long shot like the helicopter approach. This time we’re seeing the haze on the horizon and the cars creeping through the valet line. Pointless.

I do enjoy the brief encounter between our heroines and some real-life crew members. Pam Grier (I’m pretty sure this is Pam, not Kit) says, “You look familiar.” Heh.

Tina tries to greet William, who is emerging from a limo. But he’s with Adele, so Tina turns away as quickly as she can. She, Bette and Kit go inside, where they find Alice, Tasha, Helena and Cindi. Wow, you mean Cindi really gets to be Helena’s date for more than just Denbo-destroying purposes? Does Dusty know about this? And how does Kit feel about it? The membranes of this social organism certainly are porous.

Shane arrives and refuses to answer any questions about Molly. She just shrugs and clams up, just like the Fonz would in this situation.

They all toast to Jenny. Aw, Jenny. And ew, Jenny’s doppelganger — they all point to Adele, who is making out with Begoña on the dance floor.

Tina: I can’t even talk about it, you guys.

Alice seems especially stunned, pointing to Adele and Begoña and then to her own unsuspecting champagne glass. It’s hard to know where to aim your compass on these rough seas.

More character assassination — Later, near the bar, Alice and Shane notice that Tasha is three sheets to the wind and flirting with Cammie.

Shane: I didn’t know she drank so much.
Alice: Well, yeah, I didn’t either. I mean, I don’t think she likes to, you know, drink …
Shane: What’s wrong?
Alice: [giggling, embarrassed] Can I talk to you?

Alice tells Shane that she has met someone but hasn’t acted on it.

Shane: But you want to.
Alice: Yeah. [calming herself down] But I know that the right thing to do is to work on this with Tasha. It’s what I should do.
Shane: Why? Who says you should? Why should you?
Alice: Because we all just let our relationships blow up at the first little temptation. Nobody works on their relationships anymore. Everyone’s out for instant gratification, and I don’t want to be like that.

Shane looks like she’s trying not to let all that sink in too far. Then she points out that Alice and Tasha already have worked really hard on their relationship, so it might just be time to acknowledge that they want something different.

Alice: But everything she went through with the trial, and giving up everything she believed in …
Shane: Has nothing to do with you. That never had anything to do with you. You have the right to be happy. It’s your human right to be happy.

It doesn’t? It didn’t? She does? It is?

Can I get one of what Tasha’s having, please?

A dance — Still later, as “Walk on By” plays, Bette and Tina find a spot on the dance floor. And then they … well, they dance. Enthusiastically. And their friends look on and know that these two belong together.

It’s sexy and all, but don’t you kind of cringe when people get carried away on the dance floor? I know, I know, this is a melodrama. And a meta-drama, as Bev and Nina look on, enjoying the bliss of their counterparts.

Propping up a barstool — Shane finds Niki, who is drowning her sorrows and “avoiding people.”

She says she’s tired. Of what?

Niki: Everybody wanting me to be who they want me to be.
Shane: Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Sounds familiar, too, right? Shane tells Niki that she “f—ed up something great.”

Niki: Molly?
Shane: I got ahead of myself. I envision this kind of future and … I don’t know.

I wish you did know, because I totally don’t. What about your right to be happy, Shane?

Niki decides to just stop caring and keep moving on. They toast to not giving a s—.

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