Tyra is Fiercee

Tyra Banks makes me tired. A full weekend for me is when I watch a movie and do a load of laundry but Tyra Banks, our favorite supermodel, turned talent scout/reality show star turned talk show host apparently wasn’t busy enough this past Friday so she decided to create her own award show to honor past America’s Top Model contestants in the first annual “Fiercee Awards” (yes two Es) which will air on an upcoming episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra Banks is not only the most successful entrepreneur in the world but she’s also a MACHINE!

Tyra’s endless efforts to give young women self-esteem exhausts me. Ironically, Tyra makes me feel bad about myself since I can’t even move my car on street sweeping day to avoid a parking ticket let alone invent my own award show.

Here are some past ANTM contestants all dressed up for the big event:

Bianca Golden

Camille McDonald

Caridee English

Jade Cole


Also, whatever happened to Tyra’s singing and music video career? Below is her 2003 music video “Shake Ya Body” (brilliant and classy title), in which she showcases the models from Cycle 2.


Wait I just realized it’s not “Season 2” it’s “Cycle 2”! Yes, Tyra, we all women and we all cycle. Women unite!

Hey Tyra, since you squeeze everything else in, I’m having a dinner party tomorrow night. Can you make an antipasto and pick my mother up at the airport? See you at 8pm!