This Just Out with Liz Feldman: Jealous Girlfriends, Barbies and Shane

Here it is, Ladies and Gentleladies, the very first episode of This Just Out with Liz Feldman!

Liz is a 4-time Emmy winner for her work as a writer/producer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Being the over-achiever that she is, Liz is now launching her own limited-run kitchen table comedy show, where she’ll be keeping you abreast of the latest and greatest and nearest and queerest. It’s a no-budget thrill-ride that’s low on tech and high on life.

In this week’s episode, Liz is joined by Shane from The L Word (also known as Kate Moennig)! Hold on to your pants — this is one steamy interview! Kinda. (And without spoiling the episode, let me just clarify for those wondering: yes, Kate is on on the joke here.)

This Just Out with Liz Feldman: Episode 1

If you’re in LA, you can see a whole lot of Liz doing stand-up this week. Check out her myspace page for more details.  Also, stay tuned for Liz’s new website coming soon!

AE reader dannicanada has kindly transcribed the episode for our hearing impaired readers.