Brunch With Bridget: Episode 19 “Chaps and Spurs”

Yeehaw! That’s all we can say about Bridget’s blog this week with our favorite Cherokee cowgirl, writer and producer Nancylee Myatt (3Way, South of Nowhere, Nikki & Nora)

Bridget gets in bed with the woman who oversaw the birth of Spashley (although she doesn’t really talk about that in the vlog); who created the greatest show (Nikki & Nora) about a couple of “ladycops” that you never saw on network television; and who had the huevos to put Maile Flanagan, Jill Bennett, Maeve Quinlan and Cathy Shim in a lesbian comedy together.

In addition to talking about Nancylee’s career in television, Bridget and Nancylee also play with horses and buffalos (plastic) and talk about why spurs in bed are actually a bad idea (at least when they’re worn by Bridget), while Baby Bridget officiates A Very Special Lesbian Doll Wedding. It’s weird.

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 19 “Chaps and Spurs”

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