“So You Think You Can Dance”: the last chance to leave an impression

Why yes, I do think I can dance but not like any of these finalists. Wow, were the performances amazing last night! The finale is next week. Let’s declare them all winners and go party. But no, life is cruel.

Adam Shankman was the guest judge and Cat Deeley was wearing little puff balls on the backs of her heels. At first glance it may seem like there’s no connection but believe me, my darlings, there is.

We get right to it with a waltz from Mark and Courtney that is so beautiful I gasp and sigh all the way through it. Courtney’s dress is wonderfully fluttery as Mark picks her up in some fabulous lifts. It doesn’t hurt that they’re dancing to one of my favorite American Idol contestants, David Cook, singing “The Time of My Life.” The judges love their dance. Murphy says the lifts look effortless and that Mark grows with every week. I agree.

Chelsie does a solo and really, what else can she do except hip swivel? But wait, she ends in the splits! Cool.

After the break, Twitch does a funny stylin’ hip-hop solo that includes a grill and glasses. Afterwards, Deeley asks to try on the glasses, then says she’d like the grill too, and that she doesn’t mind the spit. Twitch removes it and she pops it in. We get a few goofy grins before she pops it out, then makes a face about the after taste. “The things we do for art,” she exclaims. Too damn funny, that girl.

Katee and Joshua do a romantic contemporary dance choreographed by Tyce Diorio. It’s passionate and sexy, with lots of great leaps and lifts. Shankman confides that he met Diorio back in 1990 when they were both dancers at the Oscars. (There’s a quick view of Diorio in the audience who, interestingly, doesn’t look that excited about knowing Shankman. Maybe there’s a little tension between the two? Then he mentions Paula Abdul, who’s in the audience also but looks much happier.) He goes on to say that Katee and Joshua are the two most exciting dancers to ever grace that stage. Murphy thought their dance was filled with passion and Lythgoe is amazed that Joshua has had no classical training but can pull off a piece like that.

Next Twitch and Chelsie do a smokin’ mambo. Lord, somebody fan me. Shankman says Chelsie is on fire and loves the performance in general. Murphy and Lythgoe have positive things to say too. (While I like Chelsie, I’m wondering if a ballroom dancer is versatile enough to win the competition.)

Katee does a solo, then Joshua presents his solo. There’s nothing that’s much different than solos done on earlier shows. Not to discount them, though. They’re both great dancers.

Courtney and Mark do a weird, raw, jazz number choreographed by Sonya. While the judges go on and on about Sonya’s work (including her pieces for earlier shows), I don’t love her ‘cause her stuff is too far out there. She says this piece is like an old French burlesque, and indeed, it does have that quality. Courtney is wearing a bustier and one torn stocking. Strange but it fits with the theme. The judges love it. Mary yells that it’s true magic then lets loose with a teeth rattling scream so loud her mike distorts. (There’s now one more nearly deaf sound technician in this world.) As Lythgoe comments that Joshua is stealing the show, Murphy screams again. Oh, stop already.

Courtney solos next, and then Mark. During his solo, he does some fun things with a stretchy T-shirt. No, he doesn’t whip it off ala Will, but he’s creatively cute.

Chelsie and Twitch finish the evening with a humorous but smooth hip-hop dance. The story is great, with them as two crazed conductors fighting over the baton. The judges say wonderful things. The camera cuts to Deeley, then they’re off the air. I’m disappointed that there are no closing shots of all the finalists dancing but I guess they’re pressed for time.

Who could possibly be voted off? I’m thinking it might be Courtney and Twitch. I’m hoping it’ll be Chelsie but then, I don’t always get what I want. (My mother still hasn’t bought me that pony.) Maybe Mark will go? What do you think?