Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Aug. 1, 2008)

Rumors have been flying about a new television show for Rosie O’Donnell all this week. But this time, instead of being a morning chatfest, Rosie’s return to TV would be a prime-time affair.

Rosie is said to be in talks with NBC to host a weekly prime-time variety show. Reports have called it a “2009 version of Carol Burnett or even The Ed Sullivan Show.” One of the ideas bandied about is to air the show live from a Broadway theater. Rosie would present all kinds of acts — music, comedy, drama, etc.

Since her abrupt departure from The View in May 2007, the funny woman has been in on-again-off-again talks for various projects including the hosting gig on The Price Is Right and a news show for MSNBC. But this time around Rosie has stayed uncharacteristically mum on the subject, which is probably a good sign. She has even decided to temporarily shutter her popular, haiku-style blog for the month of August.

This week she wrote on her blog:

i am taking off august
in blog-ville
2 c if i can
rosie unplugged

Don’t worry — if she gets her new show, expect her to be back and as electric as ever. Be afraid, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, be very afraid.

While Rosie seems to be moving on, her former View-mates are making out. More accurately, the ladies of The View got to see a little action as Katy Perry finally kissed a girl for the cameras. The singer behind the ubiquitous, bi-curious No. 1 hit “I Kissed a Girl” visited the morning gabfest last Monday to perform.

Afterward, co-host Whoopi Goldberg joined her onstage and gave the surprised Perry a little peck on the lips.

For the record, that’s the only actual girl-kissing I’ve ever seen from Perry despite her Girls Gone Wild-esque lyrics. Interestingly, her song seems to be a favorite of conservative View co-hosts Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. The women gushed about it and belted out the chorus together afterward.

Hasselbeck and Shepherd kissing girls and liking it? Does not compute. Brain, melting.

Luckily, one person we know for sure Perry won’t be kissing is 15-year-old teen sensation Miley Cyrus. Earlier this month Perry told Stepping’ Out magazine that Cyrus would be her “dream same-sex smooch.” She even joked about having a Britney-Madonna moment when they meet at the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday. See what I was saying about my brain melting?

Regardless, Cyrus turned her down flat this week with a “No thanks.” To which I say, “Thank heavens!”

(For more on Katy Perry, read MSNBC’s new article “Media giving Katy Perry a pass on ‘Kiss’: The popularity of two gay-unfriendly songs is a disappointing development.”)

by Dorothy Snarker