Tig Notaro steals the show

You either love Sarah Silverman‘s brand of humor or you hate it. Even if you’re of the “hate it” persuasion I ask you to reconsider watching a few episodes of her show, The Sarah Silverman Program, simply for one reason: Tig Notaro.

Tig with director Gary Marshall on the set of “The Sarah Silverman Program”

Lesbian comedian Tig first appeared on the Comedy Central show as a cop who made Sarah think she might actually be a lesbian, and that Tig was a unicorn (See? You have to watch to know what I’m talking about.) The episode includes Sarah in a mullet, singing a sweet tune to Tig at an open mic — and the classic line, “As a lesbian, I resent your laughter, and all laughter.”

Watch Sarah question her sexuality after meeting Tig:

It’s nice to see that Tig is back on the show for the second part of Season 2, which just started in early October. Besides the fact she’s funny, she’s playing a cop — anyone for a woman in uniform? What makes it even hotter is that she recently told a reporter “I think it might just be me with a holster on.”

When not on the show, Tig is a stand-up comedian who performs regularly in Los Angeles, and besides her BFF Sarah Silverman, she also performs with friend Janeane Garofalo. If the adage “you are who you hang with” is true, then Tig is quite possibly my dream woman.

Watch Tig doing some stand-up from over the summer: