“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.7): Restaurant Wars

Previously on Top Chef: Boston, the chefs cooked Thanksgiving dinner for descendants of both the Wampanoag Tribe and the Plymouth colonists. Awkward. Also, Stacy was sent home, so I expect things will be a little (lot) less Boston this week.

This week: ZOMG RESTAURANT WARS. It’s going down, y’all. The chefs meet Padma in a “hotel” (that sort of looks like an abandoned warehouse), and she introduces them to the guest judge, Chef Barbara Lynch. We all know RW is coming, so there’s no beating around the bush. Padma announces the challenge with the appropriate level of excitement.


The chefs, in two teams of four, have to concept a restaurant, transform this weird hotel/warehouse space, decide on a menu, and serve 100 guests. In one day. HAH. If I was on Top Chef, I would 100% just fall on the ground, curl into a little ball, and whimper. This year, there are some special credit card VIP guests who, allegedly, have great taste and will try both team’s foods. Since when does being rich mean you have great taste? I call bullshit.

The chefs draw knives. Melissa and Katie get first and second choices, respectively. Melissa shocks me by choosing Doug first! Not to say Doug isn’t a great chef, but, in my mind, Melissa, Mei, and Gregory are besties and like to stay up late braiding each other’s Mei’s hair. What’s even real anymore? Katie, intelligently, snatches up Gregory. With her second pick, Melissa selects Mei. She does a cute little head wiggle/grin combo, so maybe there is hope for hair braiding? Please stop playing with my emotions, are you guys best friends or not?

photo2Let’s crush it, gurl.

Katie picks Katsuji and Melissa rounds out her team with Adam. She’s worried he might be a little too OCD/controlling, but I just keep thinking back to his lack of control over his team at that canon-blasting-Revolution War challenge. He didn’t really have any fucks to give, it seemed. We’ll see. That means Katie is left with Keriann, whose performance lately has been a bit worrisome.

The teams have to pick an executive chef (aka probably the person who will go home if that team loses) and a front of house person (aka someone who is a smooth-talker and can control a certain level of insanity). Adam is immediately chosen for FOH on Team Melissa, that sly bastard. Doug and Mei kind of dance around executive chef for a minute (“Oh I mean, if you want it, you should do it!” “Well, it seems like you might want it more?”), but it’s ultimately decided that Doug will captain the ship.

Over on Team Katie, the boys (Katsuji and Gregory) ply Keriann with compliments so she will be the FOH person. Gregory suggests that Katie be the executive chef, which she accepts. This is very, very surprising, because Gregory has not shied away from leadership before. Probably he has also seen Top Chef before and knows that the E.C. is the one to usually go homeperhaps he’s not feeling too confident about his team?

photo3Tra la la, just gonna cook some food behind this fence. Nothing to see here. DON’T LOOK AT ME.

Katsuji talks some shit about Katie, but, you know what buddy? I didn’t see you stepping up to be the executive chef, so maybe you should shut up and support her. Katie’s had her down moments, but she’s also made some really (weird) good food.