“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.7): Restaurant Wars

The judges arrive at Magellan and things just keep getting worse. Tables are waiting for their food for way too long and the judges are about to seat themselves when Keriann finally gets over to them. Keriann’s dessert is also a shitshow. Both her crepes and the filling did not hold up well overnight, so Katie feels like she needs to step in and fix it.

The judges notice that Keriann is nowhere to be found and, also, it looks like a lot of tables don’t have any food. They’re not happy with Magellan so far. Keriann serves them the first course, Katie’s beets, as well as two of Katsuji’s dishes: hamachi and pozole. Katie’s beets are decent, but the judges thought they looked better than they tasted. Katsuji’s dishes are both okay. Gregory’s fish is pretty good, but Tom thinks there is too much going on. However, they all really like Gregory’s pork.

Team Four Pigs finishes service! They love each other!

photo9Team bandana 4ever!

Keriann’s dessert comes out and she’s pissed off because it’s hot. Tom compares it to a hockey puck. Keriann comes back and she’s real mad, but Katsuji just keeps saying that it “wasn’t his decision.”

Team Four Pigs gets called before the judges and, I mean, OBVIOUSLY they won. The judges are very complimentary and smiley. Team Magellan comes before the judges and they take some hits. The service was terrible, the concept was disjointed, Keriann was nowhere to be found, and the food was pretty much kind of meh. The judges wonder why Keriann didn’t notice her dessert was fucked up before they were served. Basically, at this point, I’m like 90% sure it’s got to be Keriann going home.

Team Four Pigs wins! Duh! Doug takes home the win, but the judges think the entire team should feel very proud of themselves.

Over on Team Magellan, it’s coming down to Katie and Keriann. Katie made an OK dish, but they don’t think she ran the kitchen well and they don’t know why she didn’t consult Keriann about her dish. Keriann didn’t train her waitstaff well, was absent during service, and made a crappy dessert.

Keriann’s going home. She has some sads.


photo10I’ve been waiting for this since episode 1.