“The Fall” recap (2.4): The sky is falling, the sky is falling

Previously on The Fall: Dr. Tanya Reed Smith should have gotten on that elevator. Dr. Tanya Reed Smith should have gotten on that elevator. Dr. Tanya Reed Smith should have gotten on that elevator. Dr. Tanya Reed Smith should have gotten on that elevator. Oh, and teenagers are idiots, men are emotional weaklings and Paul Spector remains creepy as fuck.

DSI Stella Gibson’s hotel room has become a Tyvek suit convention. Since discovering Paul’s break-in and violation of her inner sanctum, she has notified authorities who are now combing over her most private of things. She looks on with horrified resign as they cart off everything she would never want public – her laptop, her dream journal. Stella’s face registers a stoic mix of disgust, embarrassment and rage – so much rage.


Paul is continuing his violation from the comfort of his hotel room. He is loading all of the pages from Stella’s journal he photographed. As far as mentally invasive things go, stealing the contents of the woman who is investigating you’s journal is pretty high on the list. Also up there are touching her undergarments (did that) and seeing her in her most intimate moments (almost did that, if Tanya had gotten on that lift).

Paul is taking smug pleasure in reading even the most mundane offerings in Stella’s journal. An entry about a dream about her and her father comparing how tan each other’s arms are makes him smirk in a way that makes me want to punch him in the face.


Stella arrives at the office and for the first time we see her a bit adrift. She needs a new laptop and asks how to log onto the terminals the mere mortals use. But then, like a switch, she focuses back in. She looks up the artist Henry Fuseli, who painted the work Paul so thoughtfully picked for her new wallpaper.

She quickly comes to the conclusion that Paul is a shit and clearly taunting her with the use of the late 18th Century painting “The Nightmare,” which depicts an incubus atop a sleeping woman. I mean, I’m assuming that’s the conclusion she comes too, because it’s the one I came to.


A towel-clad Paul is giving people a taste of what to expect from Christian Grey. (p.s. I see you in the trailer, Rachel Skarsten.) He’s also watching a video of Katie and her friend singing their fucked up love songs. Serial killers, they’re just like us. They like to watch fanvids on YouTube, too!

ACC Jim Burns arrives sheepishly in Stella’s office. He wants to process what happened. But Stella is like, I have no time for your bruised male ego. She shows him surveillance video that proves Paul was in the room when Burns was there, and might have overheard his name mentioned as a suspect. But Burns is too busy freaking out about whether he heard the bit about his corrupt actions. Of course, Stella is having none of it. This isn’t about your career, asshole, it’s about a string of dead women. Priorities, for fuck’s sake.


Police continue their surveillance on Teenage Mutant Cliché Katie. I find she has become a much, much less interesting character now that her motivations are clear. She isn’t trying to expose or challenge Paul. She is just a dumb teenager in a dumb crush doing dumb things. Yawn.