TV Alert: Jennifer Aniston on “30 Rock” (in a three-way?) and the cover of Vogue

Since we have no reason to flip back and forth between Tina and Callica this week, we are free to give our full attention to life’s best Lemon, Tina Fey.

Tonight, Jennifer Aniston returns to her former Thursday night stomping ground with a guest appearance on 30 Rock.

Aniston plays Claire Harper, a party-girl friend of Liz and Jenna who develops an unhealthy attraction to Jack — Single White Female unhealthy.

Claire does a tidy transference trick when she accuses Liz of having the same kind of attraction for her. She even has a solution that will make everybody happy: a threesome.

I’m all for supporting the writers of a high quality show such as 30 Rock, but here they’ve made a critical mistake. A three-way? No way! Get Alec Baldwin out of the room, people! That would be must-see TV.

Aniston is also in the latest issue of Vogue, with some excellent photos.

Read her Vogue interview here, and watch Jennifer in 30 Rock tonight at 9:30 ET on NBC.