“The Fosters” recap (2.11): It’s a Wonderful Wife

Lena comes back from the kitchen with a burned lasagna and bursts into tears a she tells Stef she’s sorry she got her a nice present and Sharon she’s sorry they don’t like the bed and she’s real sorry Frank didn’t leave Stef all that money but for Christ’s sake all she wants is a nice dinner. In the midst of this chaos carolers show up at the door asking if Natalie is at home. Not now, we’re having a family fight. Shove off weirdos in your pilgrim outfits.

Fosters 2118

When they get back to the table Stef and Sharon look properly chastened and apologize to Lena. Stef explains that her kids need college educations not hoverboards and she doesn’t want to worry that her mother will have nothing left to live on because she spend too much money. Sharon gets up from the table and practically throws a present at Stef. When Stef opens it, she finds college savings accounts for all five of the kids.

Fosters 2119

Sharon reaches across the table and tells Stef she knows she’s been under a lot of pressure and she’s doing a great job but she needs to relax a little. Sharon will be fine, she has a bunch of shares of Google socked away and will have plenty to live on.

Fosters 21110

Stef apologizes to Lena and give her a kiss and Sharon welcomes Jude and Callie to their first crazy Adams Foster Christmas Clusterfuck.

Honestly, this is one of the things I love most about this show. They get what family is. Some people like to describe families as being “rock solid” but I don’t think that’s what families are. I think families are more like Legos. Families are built brick by tiny Lego brick. Maybe in your mind you thought your family was going to be like some giant impenetrable castle. But then the challenges rolled in an one tower broke and the drawbridge stopped working and you were left with a pile of bricks. If the family is healthy it rebuilds. Maybe it’s not the same shape. Maybe in the midst of rebuilding it breaks again. But if you’re a family, if you really care enough, you never stop rebuilding. Sharon and Stef yell and fight and bicker and laugh and cry but they also reach across the table and put the pieces back together again. Stef apologizes to Lena and they stick those pieces back on, too. It’s not easy. Sometimes you want to walk away and leave that pile of broken shit on the ground. But, I think, family means giving it another shot and being willing to adapt. Maybe your castle becomes more of a houseboat, or a tree house, or something else entirely. But no matter what, you find a way to fix what you have broken.

While they all laugh and eat the burnt lasagna, Callie gets a desperate text from Daphne. She went and Bette Porter’d little Tasha and now she needs Callie and Brandon to help her out. Callie tries to get Brandon to leave but he won’t bail on her.

Mariana brings some cocoa out to Jesus who is sleeping in a manger a tent in the yard to protect his masterpiece. She tells him that she remembers when they were five and Ana left them home alone to go get high on Christmas and how, even though he was little, he tried to make her feel better. She apologizes for saying he gets her shitty presents (even if he did get her a toothbrush) because he’s a good brother and that’s a pretty excellent gift. But not quite good enough to convince her to sleep outside.

Fosters 21111

Brandon pulls the car up to the house where Tasha is staying. Daphne takes Tasha up to the front walk and tells her to walk up to the door and knock. Tasha cries and waves when she gets to the door. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Jesus is woken by three wise men coming to bring him presents. Not really. He and Mr. Crabapple are woken by a bunch of kids breaking their decorations. After Jesus and Mr. Scrooge have chased the evil doers away, they sit on the steps, drinking cocoa, and talking about family. Mr. Curmudgeon says his kids don’t come for the holidays because they want to be home and he won’t visit them because he wants to be home, too. Besides, he doesn’t want to break his streak of winning the award for ridiculous decoration. After they say good night, Jesus takes their house out of the competition. He’s getting an electric skateboard and a college education, he can let Mr. Nesbitt win this one.

Fosters 21112

The next morning everyone is opening presents. After Sharon gives Stef some underwear to help spice up the Craftmatic, Lena steps outside to call Dana. She asks her mom to put Nathan on so she can wish him Merry Christmas and put a few of those pieces back together. After Callie opens a piece of the Berlin wall from Wyatt (very practical) she finds Brandon outside and gives him a metronome and they pinky promise that no matter what they won’t let each other give up on their dreams.

This is the moment we are back in the present. Callie sidles up to Brandon but before they can process their kiss, an ambulance drives by and into the Quinn’s courtyard. That’s where we leave this crew until January 19th.

What did you think of the Christmas episode?