Another lesbian talks about “Sex… with Mom and Dad”

Not long ago, we told you about a lesbian-themed episode of MTV’s half-hour show Sex…with Mom and Dad. The premise of the show is that “Loveline’s Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Drew [helps] a teen and their parents work through their problems about sex, dating and relationships.” An AE reader (thanks Michelle!) tipped us off to yet another lesbian-themed episode of the show.

Alex, 18, and her mom live in ritzy La Jolla, Calif., and all is not well at home. Alex came out at 14, and her mother still hasn’t accepted it. She thinks Alex is going through a “phase” that can be chalked up to her “lack of experience” with guys. As a result, Alex is angry and withdrawn from her. Can Dr. Drew help them?

I’m not a regular viewer of the show, but I know Dr. Drew from his work on Celebrity Rehab. Talking about lesbian sex with a parent and child is probably tough, but this is the guy who can make Gary Busey look sympathetic. By comparison, this should be a snap.

Over the years, her mom has called her anti-gay slurs like “dyke” and (inexplicably) “fag,” which has damaged Alex’s self-esteem. Her mother regularly asks her why they aren’t close and if Alex can see that she always has a “tone” with her. I think Alex speaks for all of us when she responds simply, “Duh!”

So the two of them hop the next silver mini-van to be bathed in the calming glow of the eternally khaki-clad Dr. Drew.

Watch the show here in four clips (apologies to our international readers, but MTV has only made this available to U.S. viewers):

Clip 1: Willing to Try

We’re off to a good start with Dr. Drew calling the mom out for her homophobic language. I’ve never heard the “I’ll-call-you-a-dyke-to-see-if-you’re-prepared-for-all-the-bigots-of-the-world-to-call-you-a-dyke” line of defense before!

Clip 2: Kiss and Tell Icebreaker

The ice breaking, dialogue-building exercise that Dr. Drew gave them is like a demented version of The Newlywed Game, and the fact that her mother got so much right about her should be a sobering lesson to us all. Mothers really do know everything, even the homophobic ones.

Clip 3: Switcheroo Breakthrough

This lesbian Freaky Friday exercise was Dr. Drew’s best idea yet! They really got a glimpse into one another’s lives, and that’s without Alex having to join her mom’s bridge club or her mom being forced to drink virgin margaritas with Alex’s pals at Chevys!

Clip 4: A Process of Acceptance

By the end of the show, Alex and her mom have begun communicating with one another and can even laugh at themselves. As part of their homework, they agree to have dinner together on a regular basis. Alex, this could be a great opportunity to introduce your mom to an important part of lesbian culture: the potluck.