Bianca and Reese have sex on “All My Children,” sky doesn’t fall

Earlier this week, an ABC promo teased that this week, “Bianca and her partner Reese make love!” and showed a quick scene of the two women in bed together.

Unfortunately, what was in the promo was pretty much all you saw on the show.

But this was still a breakthrough for All My Children (and daytime TV overall), which previously has only shown two women in bed together once, to my recollection (Bianca in Lena’s hotel room), and they were sitting side-by-side — not lying down — in a “morning after” scene (not kissing or engaging in sexual activity the way the heterosexual characters do all the time on the show).

Although Bianca and Reese’s sex scene was blink-and-you’ll-miss-it brief, this time the writers showed us the lead-up to it, and it was pretty good. (Spoiler alert: episode details below!)

Reese (Tamara Braun) is giving Bianca (Eden Riegel) a foot massage in bed, and telling her she’s going to take care of the new baby tonight so Bianca can finally get some sleep. Bianca has other ideas, though, and begins to kiss Reese, saying, “It’s a funny thing, but all of a sudden I’m not tired anymore.”

After a few moments of Bianca kissing her neck, Reese whispers, “Get me out of these clothes.”

The next time you see Bianca and Reese, they’re lying in bed together after having sex (Bianca’s wearing lingerie, Reese a robe). Reese offers to get Bianca some wine, they joke a little, and then Bianca flips Reese over on her back for another round.

It’s the flipping over that is so risque for broadcast TV. Funny that such a small act should have such significance, but it does — because it implies intent, and lack of passivity.

And I think we’ve all had enough of passive lesbians on TV.

The characters were also very happy and relaxed during the sex scenes (and the lead-up to them), and didn’t have endless discussions about whether to actually have sex or not — another nice change from some recent primetime lesbian sex scenes we won’t mention.

(There was a less happy subplot about Bianca discovering that Reese’s parents disowned her when she met Bianca and came out to them, but for the purposes of this blog post, who cares? Plenty of time to analyze the angsty coming-out drama later.)

Now that this sweeps period is ending, I don’t expect we’ll see another moment like this for awhile. But here’s a photo of the happy couple on the 11/24 episode, to give you something to look forward to:

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