“Marry Me” recap (1.8): Stand By Me

It’s Wednesday! That means another recap of Marry Me, featuring the many faces of Kay. The whole gang is shopping at the new organic grocery store in Gil’s neighborhood with Dennah notices a disturbing dynamic. Jake seems to take care of Gil a lot going to his doctor’s appointments, buying groceries for him. Is it sweet or strange? Does Jake take care of Gil too much?

at the grocery store

Annie assures Dennah that everything is normal. As they walk past the meat section, Kay sees Linda the Butcher, aka the one that got away—with her credit card. She’s hot. She’s great in bed. But, she’s also a thief. “I’ll catch up with you guys. I need some meat,” Kay says.

checking out butcher

Annie and Dennah remind Kay that she told them not to let her go talk to Linda. They agreed to keep her away from Linda because they know that Kay deserves better. Kay does her best to make her way to Linda, who is looking pretty hot in her Rosie the Riveter updo and her tattoos, but her friends keep their promise and steer her away.

Linda the Butcher

As the group leaves the store, Jake offers to help Gil deal with the tree trimmers who disturb his sleep at 6:00 am every morning, then he helps Gil cross the street. Annie begins to see Dennah’s point and decides to talk to Jake about it.

A bit much

At first Jake doesn’t get it. He insists that Gil leads on him as much as any other man relies on his best buddy. But the ladies aren’t buying it.


Then Gil comes over in desperate need of Jake’s help. He can’t put together the juicer Jake helped him buy so he went to get some food. After eating a whole bucket of calamari he realized that he lost his wallet. Oh, and his keys attached to it so he is locked out of his apartment at as well. Kay’s reaction to this crisis is like:

reaction 1 reaction 2 reaction 3

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