“The Fall” recap (2.5): What’s in the trunk?

Previously on The Fall: DSI Stella Gibson and her team close in on Paul Spector, but not before crashing through his ceiling–literally. Dr. Tanya Reed Smith is filled with regret for not getting on that lift–probably. Katie is an idiot teenager–definitely. Rose Stagg is still missing–unfortunately and fortunately. (The alternative being that she is no longer missing and dead–obviously.)

Paul Spector is living the ultimate bachelor lifestyle. Walking around his place in his underpants. Playing loud records on the stereo. Destroying proof of his disturbed mental state and killing spree. It’s the ultimate bro living.


The massive hole in his bedroom ceiling and surrounding rubble don’t seem to be bothering Paul at all. Instead he is busying himself with the really important things: burning all incriminating evidence. DSI Stella Gibson and her team continue to monitor his movements from police headquarters. But all they hear is groovy music. So, does this mean the camera in the living room isn’t working anymore?

The team is plotting out an arrest strategy. I had no idea these things were done in such a committee format. Don’t officers usually just pull up on a shirtless man in his front yard and wrestle him to the ground? Possibly I’ve watched too many episodes of Cops.

Stella has a detective in mind to make the arrest, and Eastwood is like, I’m sure you do–in bed. Stella shoots him a look that says save me your bullshit judgment. I think it’s safe to say 90 percent of the looks Stella gives the men on this show say this exact same thing.


ACC Burns is waiting in what appears to be a prison waiting room. Wait, are we going to have a very special crossover episode with Orange Is the New Black? You just know Stella and Alex Vause would hit it off–nudge-nudge, wink-wink. You just know. Instead he is there to visit the pedophile priest he helped put away years earlier.

Burns has come to find out any information the priest may have on Paul, who stayed in his children’s home when he was in foster care. But the priest mostly only has revolting things to say about his God complex, child molestation and what constitutes consent in minors. Also, dude has the head of a Scooby Doo cartoon villain all the way down to his nonexistent chin.


Stella and her team continue to discuss the arrest strategy. With Rose missing for four days now, they weigh the pros and cons of holding off on arrest. She thinks they must, in hopes Paul will lead them to her. Hm, too bad they don’t have like a camera surveillance system that could show them that instead of thinking about Rose, Paul is just thinking about trashing every last shred of evidence. His journal, his laptop. It’s excruciating to watch. Even if they arrest him, how will they convict him? It’s like I’m seeing the twist in the second half of a Law & Order episode unfold before my eyes.