“Lost Girl” recap (5.2): I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Stealing a piece of gift fashioned after your loved ones most private parts is at the very least an etiquette breach. But Stacey isn’t big on manners and determined to get Lauren for her Burn Book. She Valkyries Kenzi out of consciousness, and then sets her dead, lifeless eyes on the good doctor.

But never fear, a good Valkyrie is here. Tamsin saunters in and it’s a Mean Valkyries High all of a sudden. They exchange insults and spar in what can only be called a Valkyrie-on-Valkyrie Doubt Off. But you can’t out doubt Tamsin. This is a woman so secure she has made peace with her unbalanced boobs.


But then Tam-Tam goes in for the kill and disses Stacey’s hair, which is totally off limits and she storms off. Wait, I just realized who Stacey looks like. She is the Hannah Montana of Valkyries. You know, before she started sticking her tongue out and humping Robin Thicke.


Kenzi checks to make sure it’s Tamsin-Tamsin who remains, and not Jack Nicholson with an axe. It is and everyone hugs. And then everyone – including Bo and Dyson – are all of a sudden around the dinner table clinking wine glass. Um, I realize each episode is only 42-minutes, but that’s a strange way to show the whole gang’s first reunion.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s nice. Like any established cast, they work best when together and allowing the natural chemistry to flow.


Speaking of chemistry, Dyson and Tamsin decide theirs is more in the friendzone than sexytimes zone. Dyson also gives Kenzi a gift from Hale from his will. Um, a little late with that wolfie.

Lauren suggests a Cabernet from the impeccable collection in the wine room. Bo says she’ll help. Yeah you will, dirty girl. Bo takes their alone time as an opportunity to rib her about the ghost sex. Lauren’s excuse is it had some “patented Bo moves.” Can you sue a ghost for stealing your moves? Or for sexual assault?


Bo also asks about Kenzi’s mental wellbeing. But before they can get into whether she should join the “Ripped from Heaven” support group, Bo hears a swishing sound. She starts to think about inter-dimensional rules, since someone on this show has to, and realizes you can’t burn a ghost.

Instead the Ouija blaze sets Lauren’s bad-touch spirit free to try some bad touch for real. It jumps out at Lauren and, wait, is that the girl from The Grudge with a bad haircut? The no longer a ghost immediately goes after Lauren, so you can’t fault her taste. Luckily Kenzi is there with a shotgun to stop it dead–again.


A resigned Kenzi says it’s never over with the Fae and walks away.