“Lost Girl” recap (5.2): I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Everyone now gone (Side note: who cooked that dinner? Because you know if Bo catered that thing it would be takeout pizza), a still resigned Kenzi walks up to her roomie. They have everything two gals could ever want–chardonnay, licorice and the No. 1 and No. 2 best Kevin Bacon movies ever (Footloose and Tremors, duh). But our Lil Mama doesn’t look psyched for the best night in ever.

She tells Bo she can’t. She can’t veg out with Kevin Bacon movies or keep being the lost human in the Fae world. She lost the love of her life–twice–and died. And now she is back and needs to try something new, something human.


Kenzi tells Bo she needs to go. But, but, we just got her back. Like, again literally, she just came back that day. I’ve got emotional whiplash here, folks. I mean, in theory, I get it. This is Kenzi’s chance to do something for herself. But in practice it just sucks. Sucks, sucks, suckity sucks.

Also, from a plot perspective, it doesn’t really make sense. Are they really going to allow Kenzi to walk off into the sunset alone? If she was leaving anyway, why not leave her in Valhalla with Hale? Why not write a happy ending for someone, which would still be bittersweet for Bo and the rest of us? If Ksenia Solo was actually exiting the show early, why like this? Bo’s heart would never actually leave her like this.


The only way this works as a fitting farewell is if it’s not really farewell. If Kenzi decides having land off the coast of Spain isn’t actually all that great and returns to stand side-by-side with her friends to face down their final apocalypse.

Kenzi picks up her already packed bags (but seriously, when did she have time to pack those?) and heads for the doors. Bo tells her she loves her, and it’s perhaps the only thing she is completely sure about. And our little Mackenzie says bye and walks away. Just like that.


If this is really the last we’ll see of Kenzi/Ksenia on this show, we have indeed lost something very special. And we have also lost something irreplaceable. Kenzi was not only Bo’s heart, but the show’s. She brought laughs and spunk and bravery to every scene. Without her, what will our heroes have left to protect? Also, it’s going to be damn hard to pick a Kenzism of the Week without a Kenzi. I don’t understand it and I can hardly believe it.

A bewildered Bo can’t either. Like, what just happened? To make herself feel better, she sets out to destroy the house. Fine, “destroy” might be a bit much. She tears off some of the boards from one of the windows (Additional side note: Why are they there in the first place?) and sets Persephone’s candle down. In an elevator possibly not in Heaven or Hell, a businesswoman is chatting enthusiastically on her phone about all-meat pizzas. Hey, I get it, all-meat pizzas are exciting. Bo starts to light the candle and suddenly enthusiastic pizza chatter is holding the candle.


Bo gets it lit and now pizza talker is holding the candle and there are flickering lights and ominous screams. So, let me guess, she is Demeter and mama is pissed.


Death is no reason to ignore your cuticles.

“Did you bother to get a man-mani like I taught you? God, just because I died. Do I even want to look at your feet?”


Please do not interpret my leering as an endorsement of non-corporeal sexual assault.


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