“The Comeback” recap (2.7): Valerie Faces the Critics

Val on the talk

Well, Val is on The Talk! She is looking glorious in blue as she greets the likes of Sharon Osbourne and OUR OWN, Sara Gilbert (hay gurl!). The first thing we find out is that Val has been nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role of Mallory Church in HBO’s Seeing Red. Valerie is beside herself with joy. She seems to be a little shocked that people are calling it a comedy, since it is nothing like the sitcoms she adores so much. They call her character a “lonely, loser of an actress” but homegirl Sara G. qualifies it by saying, “But in real life you’re married.”

Val and sara too

Cut to: Val and Mickey and the whole crew (Hay, Jane!) watching The Talk in Valerie’s living room. The final shot from The Talk we see is a picture of Val and Mark at their wedding. That really stiffens the mood. We aren’t sure what happened but Mark isn’t there. All we have is a poor, sick Mickey who says he has “had so much radiation that every time I pass by a VCR it plays the movie Silkwood.” God bless his heart.

Val and Mark

The food for the crew has arrived. Val asks Jane if she is still a vegetarian. Apparently it has been two months since they have shot anything for the show. Jane assures her that she has never liked meat, to which Val of course responds, “Is that a lesbian joke?!” Very funny, Val. Billy the Publicist arrives to tell Val that Entertainment Tonight wants to follow Val around all day for the Emmys. Jane says nah-gurl-I-think-NOT and tells Billy that she has exclusive rights to film Val and she sure as hell doesn’t care that Brad Goreski was planning on hand delivering the dress.

Jane Nope