“The Fall” recap (2.6): Actually, it’s all about ethics in serial murder

Outside of the Spector house a neighbor chats with a reporter from the Belfast Chronicle as crime scene investigators crawl all over the property. He gets Paul and Sally Ann’s names from the man, then calls up a source in the jail who confirms they’re in custody. See, that’s how you work your sources.

Jimmy is also there, and he knows the reporter. Well, give the guy some credit for having a diverse source base I guess. Of course, then Jimmy steals his phone and his car, so take away some credit for his ability to pick reliable sources.


Stella returns to her office, to be informed of new downloads from Katie’s phone. Pity the poor tech who had to scour the contents of a teenager’s cellphone. So. Many. Selfies. They find, among other things, the video Katie has recorded of her sexytimes videochat with Paul. It was, shall we say, a lot more than just show and tell.

Stella watches and calls in DS Anderson to watch. Now she is rethinking whether Katie’s journals were all just schoolgirl fantasies and made-up alibis for Paul. No, no, do not rethink that. It’s exactly that. Also let’s all stop watching that video because, gross.


But at least it gives Stella an idea. She tells Anderson she wants him to question Katie. He asks if that’s a good idea because of her juvenile status. But Stella wants to see how she reacts to “someone of a similar age and similar looks.” Ah, now I see why Stella picked him. The young, handsome stud factor has many layers on this show.

Wasting no time, Anderson goes in to interview Katie. She babbles on like the lovesick schoolgirl she is about Paul and music and kisses and rainbows. Aside from the brutal sexual assault and violent murder of all those women, the Katie storyline is by far the most disturbing thing about this series.


Stella is called away from monitoring the interview to watch yet another disturbing video. The manager of Paul’s sleazy hotel lived up to the sleazy status and recorded countless thousands of videos of his guests in their rooms through the peephole. Great, now I’m duct taping all peepholes in my hotel room from now on.

Among his recordings was the encounter between Paul and Katie, where he tied her to the bed and left her. Stella watches open mouthed, literally. It’s a mix of revelation and contempt, because clearly this is the worst S&M fantasy she has ever seen. Now when Reed Smith pretended to tie Stella up to a bed, that was some good S&M fantasy.


Katie can’t stop going on about how much they “love each other.” Oh how I long for the ability to reach through my TV screen and shake this girl. Stella thinks she needs a good shaking, too, and presents Anderson with a new line of questioning based on the humiliating hotel room recording.