“Chasing Life” recap (1.12): Parting is such sweet sorrow

Previously on Chasing Life, April went to chemo for her leukemia, Brenna went to meet her secret half-sister only to find out she was a super biatch, Greer’s parents banned her from seeing Brenna because they think she’s a bad influence, Doctor Uncle George confessed his love for Sara, and Leo agreed to get surgery on his tumor, only to flatline on the table.

When we open, April is post-chemo, tying on her head scarf and putting on fake eyelashes. She goes to the doctor—the increasingly wonderful Dr. Susan Hamburg—and finds out that even though she’s in remission, there’s a 60% chance the cancer could come back. If it does come back, April will need a bone marrow transplant, for which she only has her mother, the half-match, as a donor option. Luckily for April, she’ll have plenty to keep her mind off things, because she’s returning to work tomorrow, the very first possible day that Dr. Hamburg would even allow.

CL 112-1As over-eager and as beautiful as ever.

Unluckily for April, right at the beginning of a potentially budding romance, Leo had to go get himself all comatose. He’s been out for about two months.

A bewigged April takes her little desk box and walks to work, slowly but surely, trying to keep her head up, though it looks downright exhausting. She takes a deep breath and looks at her office building like it’s a mountain she has to climb. Once finally inside, her coworkers try to be supportive but end up being kind of weird and rambly. Except for Danny of course, because a douche can’t change his stripes, even for a friend with cancer. But it works out because he has the intel April needs: Mallory got herpes, the old boss retired, and the new boss is a young guy who is too busy for his own good. Even Raquel is as nice as she knows how to be, so pretty much everyone is great except Dom, who walks by in slow motion and barely gives April a half-smile.

Across town, Brenna and Keiran are hanging out, and Brenna is checking out his new girlfriend. Brenna teases him and asks if he’s sure she’s straight because Brenna is sure this girl has flirted with her before. They laugh and joke about how mature they’re being post-breakup, and I would have to agree.

CL 112-2Bromance approved.

Brenna is excited that Greer is coming back soon from the exile her parents sent her on, and Kieran asks if she’s worried about Greer’s parents. Brenna says they can kiss her ass, because nothing is going to get between her and her Tennis Love.

At dinner that night, April brings up her remission and the odds she’ll need a bone marrow transplant and suggests possibly calling Natalie to find out if she’s a match. Brenna points out that Natalie is the mayor of Bitch City so almost definitely won’t agree to help and also probably drugged her girlfriend so how about they don’t do that.

CL 112-3 Seriously, can we not?

But Sara says they have to at least try. She agrees to call her dead husband’s baby mama, because she’s the best mom ever. Unless you count her own mother.

Sara gets Olivia’s information from Doctor Uncle George, who starts to tell her things like her profession, her mothering tactics, and her favorite color before Sara stops him and changes her mind about wanting more than just her email address. Instead, they make out because apparently Sara and George have gone full kissy during the hiatus, though they haven’t told the girls, based on the fact Sara nearly jumped out of her skin when she thought she heard someone coming. Probably because that would probably be hella weird for them, since when you’re little, your close aunts and uncles tend to feel like they’re related to both of your parents, so later in life seeing them make out could potentially be traumatizing.

Later, Grandma helps dictate a fake nasty email to Olivia, and then says she accidentally hit send, sending Sara into her second close call with cardiac arrest in just a few hours. Luckily, Grandma was just kidding, because she’s hilarious.