Morning Brew – Felicia Day is back as lesbian character Charlie on “Supernatural” tonight

Good morning! I hope all you East Coast readers are staying safe and warm.

Queerty talked with Olympia Dukakis about her LGBT roles and fans.

The Telegraph lists “dyke” as a word people shouldn’t use anymore. (Present company excluded, I’m sure.)

A lesbian couple in Glasgow were found dead in their apartment. So far, police are saying it sounds like they both died of drug overdoses.

A civil engineering magazine is surveying their readers (aka engineers) to find out if the industry is homophobic.

Chef Josie shared her recipe for a green smoothie on Well + Good.

StyleLikeU has io Tilett Wright talking about her new book and living as a boy when she was younger as part of their What’s Underneath Project.

Screaming Females are streaming their new album on Spotify!

Alabama’s out Rep. Patricia Todd is threatening to out her peers who have had extramarital affairs if they continue to say that same-sex marriage is against their “good family morals.”

Suze Orman spoke about her journey as a lesbian to a packed house at a recent event in Florida. Good on ya, Suze!

AOL's BUILD Speaker Series: In Conversation With Suze Orman

I am not familiar with East 17 or band member Brian Harvey, but he sounds like a douche. He went on a tirade against BBC1 recently at a show, saying he would “smash a lesbian’s face in” if she comes onto his girlfriend. I have no idea which lesbian he means but I’m sure she’s not into your lady love, dude.

The Returned has released its first real trailer.

Hypable writes about The 100‘s new queer character, Lexa, and why her sexuality both matters and doesn’t. We have something coming on her very soon, so if you watch the show, know we are on top of it!


Alison Bechdel fans will enjoy tidbits from her recent talk at The Michigan Theater.

Evan Rachel Wood has scored a new gig. She’ll be starring in the musical For the Record: Dear John Hughes in L.A. February 6 through April 4. As a fan of both ERW and John Hughes, I’m so there.

Kiersey Clemons plays a lesbian who “often gets mistaken for a boy” in the Sundance film Dope.

ChefDance & HuffPost Live Media Lounge - Day 3 - 2015 Park City

Also at Sundance, Lily Tomlin is getting rave reviews for her role as “an ill-tempered lesbian on an all-day odyssey to raise the money her granddaughter needs for an abortion” in Grandma. I want to see this immediately.


Haddie looks like a babe in this Parenthood finale picture.

Parenthood - Season 6

Tonight on Supernatural, Charlie goes evil. Yet another evil lesbian! Hopefully she doesn’t die.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, *The Queen Latifah Show, Good Morning America (ABC 7 a.m.), *Friday Night Lights “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy” (Pivot 9 a.m.), *Sarah Sees Potential “Needle in a Haystack” (HGTV 9:30 a.m.), The View (ABC 11 a.m.), *Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street (Fuse 1:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), *Black Sails “IX.” (Starz 2:45 p.m., 10 p.m., 12:55 a.m.), The Other Shore (Showcase 2:55 p.m.), *Signature Series “Martina Navratilova” (Tennis 3 p.m.), *Friends “The One Without the Ski Trip” (TBS 4 p.m.), *Buffy marathon (Pivot 5 p.m., 1 a.m.), Jennifer’s Body (FXM 6 p.m.), *Pretty Little Liars “Over a Barrel” – #PLLSocialHour edition (ABC Family 7 p.m.) , *Chopped “Reversal of Fortune” (Food Network 7 p.m.), Pretty Little Liars “The Bin of Sin” (ABC Family 8 p.m.), *Shameless “The Two Lisas” (Showtime 8 p.m.), Fried Green Tomatoes (POP 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Supernatural “There’s No Place Like Home” (CW 9 p.m.), Marry Me “Friend Me” (NBC 9 p.m.), *The Mindy Project “The Devil Wears Land’s End” (Fox 9:30 p.m.), The Real World: Skeletons “All the King’s Women” (MTV 10 p.m.), *50 Girls Who Run the World marathon (Fuse 11 p.m.), *Jane Lynch on Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC 12:36 a.m.), *How I Met Your Mother “Big Days” (Nick 2 a.m.), *How I Met Your Mother “Band or DJ?” (FX 2 a.m.), *Degrassi marathon (TeenNick 4 a.m.), *Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Bravo 6 a.m./7 a.m.), *Talk to Al Jazeera “Fight Story: Prop 8” (Al Jazeera America 7 a.m.), *Friday Night Lights “Keeping Up Appearances” (Pivot 7 a.m.), Pariah (TMAX 7:30 a.m.), *I Found the Gown “Label Lust & Mama Drama” (TLC 7:30 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes rerun