Sandra Bernhard to play a lesbian club owner on “2 Broke Girls”

I gave up on watching 2 Broke Girls somewhere around the end of Season 1/beginning of Season 2, but if anything can sway me back, it’s Sandra Bernhard playing a power lesbian. The out comic/actress is joining the CBS show for a multiple-episode arc (yay!) as the manager of “a new restaurant — The High — opening under Highline Park in Manhattan.” Her character, Joe, hires Max (Kat Dennings) as her pastry chef and Caroline (Beth Behrs) as a hostess. Surely chaos and hilarity ensues.

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The Hollywood Reporter describes Sandy’s role as “verbal, no-nonsense, wry, shockingly frank and opinionated with a highly developed esthetic.” Sounds a little bit like someone else we know.


That’s her character, Charlotte Birch, from The L Word, in case you’re someone who gave up on that show in Season 1 or 2.

Sandra has played several gay roles before, including one of the first ever regular lesbian characters on TV: Nancy on Roseanne. She’s recently made cameos on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, You’re the Worst and Switched at Birth. 

Joe the lesbian manager will make her first appearance on the March 30 episode of 2 Broke Girls. We’ll remind you closer to the air date!