“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.12): Will the real Sin Rostro please stand up?

Rogelio asks Jane to write his final script. If he’s going to die, then he wants her to be the one to write the greatest death scene ever written. While trying to write the script at home, Jane notices that Abuela is wearing the earrings Jane bought her to replace the ones she lost back in the flashback scene. This brought an idea to her for the script.

Rogelio reads Jane’s script and loves it. In the script, Nicholas, Rogelio’s assistant, is playing the son of Santos who will become the star once Santos is killed. This comes as a shock to both Rogelio and Jane. It turns out that Nicholas was scheming all this time behind Rogelio’s back so that he could get his big break.

In Rogelio’s death scene between his character and the son, the last words he utters are the same words Abuela told Jane when she was ten years old. Everyone was moved by Rogelio’s performance. Through tears, Jane says to Rogelio, “You were incredible, dad.” It’s the first time she’s ever called him dad. This gets Rogelio emotional too.

While this is going on, things are cooking up at the hotel. Petra is walking back to her suite while leaving a voice message for Lachlan. She notices a coin on the floor. Suddenly, Milos comes up from behind. He places his hand over Petra’s mouth, so her screams can’t be heard, and he pulls her away.

JTV 12.7

He then takes Petra into her suite, with a knife to her throat. Milos threatens Petra, while Magda watches from her wheel chair. He says that now that he has her again, she’ll never leave him. Petra says she’d rather die than be with him again. “Suit yourself,” Milos says. He then slices Petra’s throat. Petra falls to the ground. Magda cries out, “No!” and runs over to Petra.

JTV 12.8

“Mother, you can walk?” Petra is alive. See, Milos has been trying to tell Petra that Magda is a liar. She lied to keep Milos and Petra apart. When Milos grabbed Petra in the hall, he did it to talk to her. He explained to Petra that Magda can walk and wanted to prove it to her. That’s when they came up with the idea of “killing” Petra in front of Magda. Infuriated with the fact that Magda had been lying all these years, Petra throws her out of the suite. Magda walks out, leaving behind her wheel chair.

Rafael finally reads Luisa’s letter to Rose. In the letter, Luisa warns Rose about Emilio. Luisa was in Emilio’s room, alone, drinking a bottle of wine the night the bell boy was killed. Luisa left the room for a moment and when she returned she noticed the cork screw she used to open the win bottle was missing.

Jane walks in after Rafael finished reading the letter. He finally admits to Jane that he believes his father is Sin Rostro.

Meanwhile, Emilio and Rose are outside by the construction site. Emilio wants them to leave that very night, but Rose doesn’t seem too thrilled by this idea. She playfully pushes Emilio into the construction area. She does a little strip tease, throw her panties at him, and walks away. While waiting for Rose, Emilio is knocked to the ground from cement suddenly gushing out of the cement truck.

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The cement stops flowing and we’re shown Emilio, like a cement statues laying on the ground, and Rose holding the on/off switch for the cement truck in her hand. She pushes a button and more cement flows from the truck onto Emilio. He is completely covered, with no trace of him in sight.

Rose makes a phone call to Rafael. She leaves a voice message. With fear in her voice, she tells Rafael she can’t find Emilio anywhere. She thinks he might have already left the country. Rose then hangs up the phone. Her name, ROSE, pops up beneath her on the screen. ROSE then turns into SIN ROSETRO, the letter E is in red, telling us that Rose is Sin Rostro. She dusts herself off and walks away with a smirk on her face.

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