Callie Torres gets a new love interest

There must be a list of names somewhere, floating around Hollywood, that details what actresses will and won’t do same-sex love scenes.

Janina Gavankar — yes
Rosanna Arquette — yes
Angie Harmon — probably not
Jessica Capshaw — yes

Jessica Capshaw

It seems that the casting directors of The L Word and Grey’s Anatomy both select from the same pool of women who are into kissing other women on screen. Though Janina didn’t have much face time on Grey’s, and certainly not any make-out scenes, E! Online is reporting that Jessica Capshaw has been cast as a new love interest for Callie Torres. You may remember her as Bette’s TA who was hot for teacher.

The tough job of making out with Sara Ramirez is now Capshaw’s, for at least three episodes beginning in January. She plays pediatrician Dr. Arizona Robbins, who is at Seattle Grace to help Bailey with a case.

It seems as if Melissa George is truly off the hook for now. Things change quickly around these parts, though, so I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were her.

What do you think of the new pairing? And does Capshaw look a lot like Dr. Erica Hahn to you, or is it just me?