“Chasing Life” recap (1.15): Meme Girls

Previously on Chasing Life, April and Leo got together, April and Dom started to butt heads at work, Brenna almost got arrested trying to visit Greer, Natalie moved in with Beth, and Dom and Natalie made out.

But don’t worry, Beth walks in on that kiss and stops it right quick. She physically puts herself between them and introduces April’s ex-boyfriend to April’s half-sister. Natalie thinks this is just the funniest thing that’s ever happened. 

CL 115-1Beth, less so.

But Beth feels more nopenopenope about it. She gives them a moment to say their FOREVER GOODBYES, and when she skulks off, they have a laugh about it, and part ways with a stage-handshake.

The next day, Natalie visits the Carver house to use the washing machine (next thing you know she’s going to be calling Sara “Mom”) and asks April about the Disney princess glow she’s got going on, and April says she had a lovely date night with Leo, though it didn’t end the way Natalie assumed it did. Speaking of men April has fooled around with, Natalie has a hilaaaarious story to tell April. She tells the story in her over-the-top, always “on” way of hers, and explains how she sort of accidentally made out with Dom last night and isn’t that the best thing April has ever heard? But half sisters before misters!

CL 115-2Natalie makes THE BEST faces.

The whole time April tries her darndest to keep a smile on her face but either Natalie is bad at reading fake smiles or she chose to ignore it.

At work, April runs into Dom in the elevator and waits until he’s mid-coffee sip to mention that she knows he made out with her half sister. She tries to play it cool, saying he can make out with whoever he wants, and he douchily says that he knows. Dom either needs to man up and try to win April over or he needs to move on, because bitter is not a good look on him. And with those dimples, it’s very hard to find a not-good look for him.

Meanwhile, Sara and Brenna are shopping on Brenna’s last day of summer freedom, Sara giving a speech about new beginnings and fresh starts. When that fails to inspire her daughter, she asks Brenna if she’s still worried about seeing Greer, which of course she is.  Luckily, the very thing that kept Greer’s parents from approving of her will come in handy now, since Greer will be in all AP classes, and Brenna will certainly not. On that note, however, Sara recommends stepping up her school game, since for reasons unclear, 10th grade is one of those randomly pivotal years that will determine her college career. Brenna jokes about getting her GED and moving to California with Uncle George, and at the mention of his name, Sara flies into a tizzy.

That night, April gives Beth a hard time for not telling her about Dom and Natalie. Beth said she was going to, but “your new sister made out with your old boyfriend” isn’t exactly an easy thing to casually bring up. Beth does warn her that she’s bound to hang out with Natalie more, now that they’re roomies, so she might as well get over it now. As they settle down on the couch for some trashy TV, April apologizes for bailing on their club plans, but Beth swears this new plan is A-OK.

CL 115-3This is my favorite kind of night anyway.

When Beth gets back to her apartment, Natalie is just getting ready to go out. She uses her energetic charm (and a little abuela-shaming) to convince Beth to go back to the club with her.

Speaking of abuelas, Grandma Emma is posting selfies from her high school reunion, and April thinks Grandma is cooler than her. Brenna and I both agree that this is true. While clicking around on the internet, Brenna discovers that she’s been memed.

CL 115-4Teenagers are the actual worst.

Brenna tells April that the whole school is posting pictures of her peeping out from behind things, but April is going through a really self-involved phase right now and shrugs it off, like she doesn’t know what the internet is, like she doesn’t remember how hard high school is, like she doesn’t see the anguish on Brenna’s face. Instead, she’s distracted by troubling images SHE found on the internet: pictures of Natalie and Beth hanging out the night before.

At school, Brenna walks into a classroom and is greeted by Ford and her friend teasing her by mimicking the meme, though she swears that she had better things to do than make a Tumblr dedicated to her ex-best friend. And then a girl named Shelby walks in, dishing out meanness at Ford and Brenna alike. Behind Shelby, the last person Brenna wants to see: Greer. Damn those unleveled classes.

Brenna realizes with horror that Greer could have been involved in this multimedia bullying, but Greer promises she had no idea any of this was happening.

CL 115-5Loose lips sink ships, Greer!

And to make matters even more awkward (because what else is high school good for besides making awkward moments more awkward), the class they’re all in is Sex Ed. The teacher mentions a secret box, and though he’s talking about an anonymous question box, Brenna looks back at Greer, and catches her quickly looking away.