Amy Poehler returns to “SNL” post-pregnancy

Only weeks after having her first baby, Amy Poehler returned to the set of Saturday Night Live this past weekend to play Hillary Clinton. With the recent buzz of Senator Clinton joining Barack Obama‘s cabinet as Secretary of State, it was only a matter of time before Lorne Michaels was begging Poehler to make an appearance.

Here’s the clip:

She’s so right on, which begs the question, how long can she actually guest on the show, now that she’s a new mom and going to be going into production on her own sitcom in the near future? Hillary Clinton is likely going to be sticking around for the next four years, so who else could possibly play her on the live variety show that very often skews political in their sketches? You can’t just slap that blonde helmet wig on anyone, you know.

Point: Amy Poehler.