Foreign Affairs: The Undead

Lesbian and zombies and death, oh my!

Sounds awesome? Because it is. France’s Les Revenants (The Returned), is a supernatural drama with two lesbian main characters. They also happen to be lesbianing together, and their names are Laure and Julie (a cop and a nurse respectively).

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Now for some real talk. The show is set in a little French town in which many people who died over the years seem to well, return, hence the name. The Returned decide to try and go back to their normal lives from before, especially since it seems like they don’t remember they died. Granted, things aren’t so simple.

Our heroines actually start the show apart, following an event in their past which created an emotional distance between them. In said event, Julie nearly died. Or maybe… she did? Either way by the end of the season, they are back together and possibly, unofficially adopted a zombie (OK, fine, they are not exactly zombies, just some other form of undead, let’s be PC here.)

The good news is it’s all on Netflix (it aired in the US on Sundance TV). Aren’t you happy?

There’s more good news: A second season will premiere later this year. So definitely stay tuned because this looks like fun.

And even more good news, an American adaptation is to air on A&E this March! So much to look forward to! In the mean time, here’s the series trailer, and a little subtitles-less snippet of Laure and Julie.


If that last video of Laure and Julie warmed your hearts, we better talk about Denmark’s Heartless. The supernatural teen drama follows twins Sofie and Sebastian and their ordeals at a boarding school.

The catch? The twins are cursed with a dark secret: In order for them to survive, they have to suck the energy from other people around them. If they don’t stop said sucking soon enough, they might burn the people whom they use as a human buffet. They try to figure out why they are the way they are, except, they’re not the only ones with secrets.

Emilie, for example, has a secret of her own. What’s not a secret, though, is her very obvious, very mutual attraction to Sofie. The whole thing gets complicated what with all the secrets and the succubusing (I think Emilie actually believed at some point that Sofie kissed her senseless to the point where she fainted.) They have a star crossed lovers element to them and I think you’d find the whole thing to your liking.

The show airs Mondays on Kanal 5, but hey, you can watch the episodes on iTunes

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