The 6 Best Brittana Scenes Ever

In honor of the Lopez-Pierce nuptials tonight on Glee, we wanted to celebrate our favorite Brittana moments. While the duo has many amazing moments, we narrowed our list down to six. Be sure to tell us in the comments which scenes are close to your hearts.

6. Hallway scene, “Sectionals” (Episode 1.13)

This is the scene that started it all. While Brittany and Santana are walking through the halls of McKinley on calls with Mercedes and Kurt, dishing about the father of Quinn’s baby, Brittany makes an admission that changed the whole game.

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5. Santana singing “Mine,” “The Break Up” (Episode 4.4)

Yes, this episode was really sad but it makes our list because it was so damn touching, and heartbreaking. Santana, who decides to break off her long distance relationship with Brittany, sings Taylor Swift‘s “Mine” with tears in her eyes. While we hated to see the couple separate, it was a parting that made sense in their journey.

4. Valentine’s Day Kiss, “Heart” (Episode 3.13)

This is the first episode to feature a kiss between Santana and Brittany. Their first attempt at a kiss is thwarted by Principal Figgins, who tells the couple that he has been fielding complaints about their hallway kisses and PDAs. Later on, at a Valentine’s Party at Breadstix, they share their first public kiss while dancing and being utterly adorable.


3. Brittana dancing, “Dance With Somebody” (Episode 3.17)

While we love to hear the ladies sing, watching Brittany and Santana dance together brings us a little closer to heaven. In this epic episode featuring music sung by Whitney Houston, Brittana performs one of the pop star’s biggest hits. Maybe it was the swing in their steps of the bows in their hair, but this scene gets us right in our happy spots.


2. Lillies the Lesbian of Flowers, “100” (Episode 5.12)

After being separated by distance, and entangled with other love interests, Brittany sets out to win Santana back in a big way. She fills a room with flowers and pledges her love to Santana, along with plane tickets to Lesbos. Later on, they seal the deal with a kiss.


1. Santana proposes, “Jagged Little Tapestry” (Episode 6.3)

While we are sure that the actual Brittana wedding will steal this top spot in our hearts, watching Santana propose to Brittany in front of their friends and loved ones, still gets us square in the feels. It’s the start to the last season’s happy ending for the couple, and we will never forget it. They want to “mash up forever” you guys!


The “I Do” episode of Glee airs tonight on FOX. If you are celebrating the episode in a special way, be sure to tweet us with hashtag #Gaysharks!