Exclusive “Black Sails” clip: Max defends her relationship with Anne Bonny

This week on Black Sails, Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) defends Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) against Idelle (Lise Slabber). In this clip, she tells Idelle why she cares so much for her lover. 

“When no one in the world, no one, no one, could care less about what those men were doing to me on the beach, she did. That means something to me. So for as long as she desires this place will be a safe place for her. And those men that you would talk to about solving this problem, they value their relationship with me far more than they do yours, or Isabella’s, or anyone on that floor. If I hear from those men that inquiries have been made about them, I will not receive that news well. Is that clear?”

Black Sails airs Saturday, March 7 on Starz.