“The Walking Dead” recap (5.14): Spend

It’s a new day in Alexandria and the steel-cut oats that Reg has brought him and Noah for breakfast promise a new beginning. Noah tells him he wants to learn the ways of architecture, to help keep Alexandria protected. It seems hopeful, as Reg writes down in his notebook, “This is the beginning,” just as Father Gabriel, losing his faith, tears out pages from the bible.

A run is underway to get new parts from a warehouse. Tara tells Eugene he needs to start pulling his weight, even though he feels responsible for getting them here to Alexandria. She calls him a coward. She also teases Noah about talking to some girl named Holly at the party.

5WalkingDead14.1Ooooh, you’ve got a crush on Holly.

In the van, Aiden (Deanna and Reg’s asshole son) revs the engine and starts up “another mix,” says Noah. Tara and Glenn roll their eyes and laugh. It’s some terrible EDM “prepare to die” mix that supposedly gets Aiden jazzed for these trips out of Alexandria. When they get to the warehouse, Glenn insists they check the outside first, and rightfully so: The front is swarmed with walkers, and there’ll only be one way in and one way out. Inside, Glenn leads the pack, seemingly impressing Aiden with his outside knowledge. Tara says to Aiden, “They were on the outside a long time,” when he seems totally dumbfounded that Glenn was right about walkers being inside. One is approaching Aiden in full-armor when he begins to shoot him. Glenn tells him to wait until he gets closer—and now he’s yelling for him to stop. That’s when the entire place goes kaboom.

5WalkingDead14.2I’d take Aiden’s EDM mix over this mess.

Meanwhile back at Alexandria, Rick is making his rounds—or, perhaps just checking up on Jessie, who’s made the discovery that someone vandalized one of her owl sculptures. (My money’s on her own husband.) But Rick and Jessie spend the next few minutes in a do-se-do of flirting, certainly not mentioning that kiss they had at Deanna and Reg’s party.

Carol has another run-in with Jessie’s boy, Sam. She catches him in her downstairs closet. He’s literally become obsessed with her homemade cookies. She shoos him out and tells him if he wants to have them, he can go steal chocolate and risk the chance of getting caught.

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