What’s happening with the women of “House”?

I have a serious addiction to House. I love it almost as much as The Rachel Maddow Show, so luckily House is not on every weeknight, too. I’d never get anything done.

I don’t know how to feel about the latest news about the new episodes that will air in January. First, Thirteen and Foreman hook up, and now this!

Big, shocking spoiler below (at least, if you didn’t catch the preview for the post-holiday episode after last week’s tearjerker). Consider this your warning. If you don’t want to know about the big shakeup at Princeton-Plainsboro, please go no further. I know you’re probably really curious now, but don’t blame me for ruining your holidays if you continue to read and are just as shocked as I am. OK — I told you.

EW‘s Ausiello reports that Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) is taking Cuddy’s job as hospital director! Well, not taking, exactly. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) offers it to her. (You can watch for yourself at the link above.)

Seriously, what has gotten into the women on this show? Sure, Cameron hasn’t been getting much screen time (what with the whole bisexual/terminally ill Thirteen and House-Cuddy lip-lock, we hardly noticed). But, I can’t even imagine anyone but Cuddy running that place. So what, she’s adopting a baby and is so in love with House that it’s torturous for her to work with him, but she needs to get over it.

But, don’t worry, she’s not leaving the show (whew!), so maybe there is still hope for them. After all, the spoiler also includes mention of House getting naked at some point in the same job-giving-up episode (Jan. 19), and Cuddy’s the only one who’d enjoy that.

And look how happy she is with the House cake!

Do you think Cameron can manage House? Maybe this change would be much more welcoming if she decides to switch teams and hook up with Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) so Foreman can’t and to continue with the supervisor-employee sexual tension. It’s been working so far. I can only hope.