“The Fosters” recap (2.20): Tea Drinker

Back at home Jesús walks into Mariana’s room indignant that Brandon took her driving. She explain that she tried to talk to their grandparents about taking Ana’s baby but they didn’t want anything to do with her. She feels awful for the baby (and for her younger self) because nobody wants her. Oh, Mariana, you may not be able to save the whole world but I love you for trying.

Stef is explaining to Callie that the thief is buying expensive, ugly handbags and reselling them for cash. Callie is mostly offended that the bags are so damn ugly. Focus on the big picture, Callie. Stef is going to track down the sellers and figure out who took Callie’s identity.

At school the STEM club is meeting about their next challenge. The boys agree to take on all the coding and engineering tasks and leave making coffee and fetching sandwiches to Mariana and Emma. Pete Campbell gives them all a high five.

Fosters 2205 He called you a pegasus? Everyone knows you’re unicorn!

A couple of teenage unicorns walk down the hallway. Jude can’t believe Connor blamed him for all the shenanigans when it was all Taylor’s idea. Ouch, dude. Connor won’t respond to Jude’s texts but Taylor points out that maybe Connor’s dad took away his phone as a punishment for sneaking out, breaking into a house, and drinking. Jude is like, “In our house there are no consequences, so I have no idea what you are talking about.” Taylor offers to take a message to Connor. Jonnor shippers are everywhere, people.

Another day, another dance routine. Mariana thinks Emma should shake her ass a little more. Emma stops and says maybe this dancing thing isn’t for me after all. Mariana can’t believe the change of heart until Emma breaks it down for her. She is the best damn coder in the school and she’s stuck doing the tea service. Mariana say she can be smart and sexy. She is infinite, she contains multitudes, for Pete’s sake. Emma isn’t up for taking on the culture today so she leaves.

Foters 2206 Honey, I told you not to quote Whitman at school!

Jesús has taken the wheel and is doing donuts in the parking lot. Brandon looks like he might ralph but that might be because Lu won’t talk to him. Jesús breaks it down for him. Brandon slept with Lu then told her he didn’t want to go on tour. It’s time for him to say he’s sorry.

Mike plunks a bottle of vitamins on Stef’s desk and tells her Ana left them at his place. Now that she’s no longer his responsibility maybe Stef would take them to Ana’s new place. Stef rushes off looking hot as hell to buy herself a handbag.

Fosters 2207Lena and I are doing some WASP role-play. No you can’t watch.