Women We Want to See Date Lizzy on “One Big Happy”

With One Big Happy starting tonight, we can’t help but imagine who would be great potential love interests for Elisha Cuthbert’s lesbian leading lady, Lizzy. Lizzy comes with a little extra drama (she’s pregnant!), so dating with a bun in the oven is bound to create some interesting challenges and opportunities. Some potential girlfriends may jump at the chance to be a part of an instant family, while others may run for the hills. Here are a few actresses we’d love to see cast as possible love interests for Lizzy.

Samira Wiley

We aren’t going to lie: we’d watch Samira Wiley in pretty much anything. Her smile lights up a room, and we’d love to see the dynamic between her and Elisha as they take a romantic hike in Runyon Canyon, or maybe catch each other’s eye on the dance floor. Wiley is probably too busy with OITNB, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Casey Wilson

Casey and Elisha had such great chemistry on Happy Endings that we’d love seeing the Marry Me star pop by and woo Lizzy. Maybe they could go for a romantic bike ride. We know they have the helmets already.

Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration - ArrivalsJaime Murray

Hey, if Luke can have his British beauty, why can’t Lizzy? Murray has played quite a few queer roles, and we are always happy to suggest an addition to her resume. Plus, it could cause great dramatic tension between her character and Prudence (Kelly Brook) considering that Pru is used to being the one Brit in town.

Brian Bowen Smith's WILDLIFE Show Hosted By Casamigos Tequila At De Re Gallery In West Hollywood, CANaya Rivera Dorsey

Now that Glee is coming to an end, we’d love to see more of Naya Rivera on our screens. Well, when she’s not busy hosting The View or on Devious Maids. When an actress plays gay we tend to follow her anywhere, so this would be the perfect way to see one of our favorite actresses woo yet another funny blonde.

Clea Duvall

We know that Clea has star Elisha Cuthbert’s seal of approval and frankly, we’ve been crazy about the actress since But I’m A Cheerleader. Such swagger, such grace: she’s the perfect combination. Clea has done a lot of drama, but that mischievous sparkle in her eye tells us she’s got the skills to rock a comedic script as well.

2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - ShowJulie Goldman

Julie Goldman has got the butch heartthrob thing down pat, plus she’s absolutely hilarious. There isn’t much in the way of butch or masculine presenting women on television shows, so seeing Goldman as a potential love interest would be amazing.

Portia De Rossi

The fact that Portia’s wife is producing the show makes Portia a natural fit. Well, that and the fact that Portia is the tops. We can see Portia as Lizzy’s older, gorgeous boss who she can’t stop crushing on. Or maybe, as a stunning doctor! Really, we’d be down with anything.

Who would you love to see as a love interest for Lizzy on One Big Happy?