“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.16): A Case of the Exes

An 11-year-old Jane fell in love with Salsa while at Calle Ocho with Abuela and Xiomara. It was the romance and fantasy of the two salsa dancers that made it seem as though they were in love. Later, Jane saw the churro guy making out with the hot, Latina salsa dancer, whom she thought was in love with the other dancer. The fantasy cracked a little, just like the fantasy of her present day romance.

Things are awkward between Jane and Rafael. He’s preoccupied with work all the time and setting up for the big Calle Ocho show. Jane has noticed the distance between them and mentions it to Rafael. But, he blames it on work. Jane takes to writing her romance novel to get her mind off of things between them. She doesn’t get far with her story because she’s got a bad case of writer’s block. All she can think about is what’s happening between her and Rafael.

Rogelio and Xiomara have been house hunting and have finally found their dream home. Rogelio is happy because the square footage is over 5200, which is a bigger home than his arch nemesis. While looking at the floor plans of their future home, Rogelio gets a notification that he’s losing Twitter followers due to a gif going around of him holding a space gun wrong.

JTV 16.1

Petra finds a way to get a musician for the Marbella’s Calle Ocho show via Rogelio’s Twitter friendship with a famous singer, David Bisbal. Rafael finds it strange that she’s following Jane’s dad. Since we’re on the subject of exes, Michael bumps into Jane in the hotel. They chat for a bit and he gives Jane a flyer for a writing workshop. It was exactly what Jane was looking for and needed at the moment. She took it as a sign. In the midst of their conversation, Rogelio seeks out Michael to shadow him in order to gain authenticity for his character of being a space cop. Michael agrees but isn’t thrilled about it. Rogelio, on the other hand, is elated.

Jane attends the writer’s workshop, by Amanda Elaine (played by Jane Seymour), another one of Jane’s favorite romance novelists. They use terms like “thrusts” in the romance workshop. Wendy, reads a story she wrote and afterwards, everyone in the class writes a compliment card on the story. Jane thought it was supposed to be an actual critique on the story, but it turns out the cards are supposed to be all positive feedback. Jane writes what she actually thought about the story and sends the writer into a hysterical crying fit. Amanda scolds Jane, saying they are “builder uppers” and Jane is a “tearer downer.” Jane makes reference to a novel Amanda wrote. Amanda is surprised that Jane read the novel. Jane begs for a second chance.

JTV 16.2

Aaron Zazo is determined to do what he can to find Roman’s killer. He tells Michael about the USB he found in the pendant, which apparently has an insurance policy for Roman. Michael has Nadine run a check on the USB but nothing of importance comes up except for the name Tony Vaughn. They decide to check the guy out.

Rafael meets with Rogelio to ask if Rogelio can get David Bisbal to sing at the hotel for Calle Ocho. Rogelio wants an apology from Rafael since he didn’t ask for Rogelio’s permission to propose to Jane. But, Rogelio being Rogelio, he puts that aside and agrees to speak with Davida Bisbal. Before leaving, Rogelio tells Rafael he needs to ask for his permission first the next time he asks Jane to marry him.

JTV 16.3

Jane goes home and writes an apology for Wendy, focusing on the good of her story. This leads to Jane focusing on the good between her and Rafael. Xiomara interrupts Jane. She sorting all of the clothes she’s taking with her in the move. Jane finds that Xiomara is taking a lot of her things and in the midst of Jane reclaiming her clothes, Abuela walks in on them. She asks what Xiomara is doing. She reminds Abuela that she’s moving in Rogelio.

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