“The Returned” recap (1.3): Day of the Dead

Lena is at school, changing in the locker room, and I’m thoroughly confused. This looks and sounds (thanks to the ringing school bell) like a high school, but I thought Lena was in college? She is either A) the worst high school student ever—skipping school to go drink most days or B) her college is a lot different from mine. Either way, she notices that the cut on her back is getting worse.

In other news, Tommy (cop/Rowan’s fiance) is a huge fucking creep. He’s got cameras set up all over Rowan’s house to keep tabs on her, and he’s just sitting there, watching the feed. Gross. He decides he wants to talk to Simon again, and, when he finds out that the station secretary released him into Peter’s custody, he is a total dick.

The Dog Star bartender is out at that house the kid from earlier (who was looking for his mom) broke into. He finds a wolf/dog hanging from the ceiling (NOT COOL), and goes outside to bury it. He’s mid-dig when the kid from before strolls up, full of questions. It’s the bartender’s brother, apparently, but instead of answering any questions, the bartender clocks him in the head with the shovel before going to hide in the house.

The Returned one gets up and tries to bust into the house, all, “Bro, why the fuck did you hit me with a shovel?” Fair question. The bartender prays, terrified, and then the pounding on the door stops. Like a total dummy, the bartender immediately goes outside to check things out. No one on this show has ever seen a horror movie, because, obviously the brother comes up behind him and smacks him on the head with a shovel.

The Returned bro stands over the bartender and aims a shotgun in his face—there is zero fucking chill in this family. He wants to know where mom is? (Dead for two years.) And why doesn’t he remember any of that, huh? (Because he was also dead.)

photo5Heartwarming family reunion, right there.

At the mall, Claire runs into an old friend, the parent of another bus crash victim, while Camille is in the dressing room. Camille comes out, much to the shock of the other woman, but demonstrates some remarking quick thinking/acting skills and introduces herself as Alice, Lena’s cousin. The other woman is taken aback, but buys the story and comments on the likeness between cousins.

Meanwhile, Simon has found his way back to the library to emotionally torment Rowan some more. He tells her that he came to say goodbye, because Rowan doesn’t need him anymore. Even though I don’t really like Simon, Rowan’s current fiance is an even worse creep so maybe she kind of does need Simon. Rowan, who just as a reminder, thinks she’s talking to a ghost, decides to take Simon to meet his daughter. Simon has much sensitivity, very emotion about it.

Later, as Rowan is getting home, Lena shows up looking for Simon. Rowan’s basically like, “Wait. What? You talked to him? Can you see ghosts, too? Or, wait, maybe he’s not a ghost?” Lena leaves and Rowan is thoroughly freaked out. Simon goes back to the community center, where Peter is being irritatingly zen and quoting Emerson.

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