Morning Brew – Emma Stone will play out lesbian athlete Billie Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes”

Good morning!

The Daily Beast celebrates Claude Cahun and her lover/step-sister as lesbian surrealists who took on the nazis of World War II.

Reba McEntire praises Brandy Clark and quotes Dolly Parton in her interview with PrideSource. (Spoiler: She loves the gays.)

Abby Wambach is one of the Time 100 this year, and Mia Hamm wrote loving words about her friend.

Emma Stone will be playing Billie Jean King in the story of The Battle of the Sexes. This is a different project from the one where Elizabeth Banks is set to play the legendary tennis player. Guess we gotta see both!


Performance artist Cassils (who you may remember from the lucky prisoner who got to kiss Lady Gaga in the “Telephone” video) will deliver a queer art lecture at University of Buffalo next week.

Lily Tomlin has never been in the closet, but she wonders how her career would have been different if she’d gone on the cover of Time to announce her sexuality back when she first wanted to in the ’70s.

Maria Bello said that coming out to her son is what inspired her new book, Whatever…Love is Love.

There’s apparently a lesbian cult at Niger Delta University and, if you don’t want to join, they torture you. Hmm, if this is true, then let’s just put a stop to this immediately, OK, lesbian cultists?

Out author/publisher Jennifer Baumgartner talked with Yahoo about why the teenage girl whose shirt reading FEMINIST was censored in her high school class photo.

“People used to think that it meant something queer, like associating with being a lesbian. Now it’s possibly associated for some with abortion. I’m not sure exactly why it’s so polarizing, but it’s not surprising to me that something labeled ‘feminist,’ is threatening. What it represents, on the deepest level, is the fact that women have all this power to make or not make life. For girls and women it can be hard to make friends with that power.”

But this girl was like I’M ALL IN, FEMINISM. DAMN THE MAN.

Speaking of d-bags, these Pittsburgh kids tried to make flannel part of their outfits in celebration of Anti-Gay Day. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

Another straight woman that came from a two mom household is speaking out about how she doesn’t support gay marriage. She calls the LGBT community “intolerant and self-absorbed.” After reading her piece, those two things words actually describe her to a T. Her poor mothers.

The Mary Sue is taking on depictions of Bond Girls, including lesbian character Pussy Galore.


Congrats to out filmmaker Stewart Thorndike (Lyle) on receiving one of the San Francisco Film Society’s inaugural Women Filmmaker Fellowships.

Outfest 2014 Gala Premiere Of "Lyle"

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