Elisha Cuthbert on Lizzy’s quirks and the Season 1 finale of “One Big Happy”

On One Big Happy‘s Season 1 finale tomorrow night, viewers will find out if Luke will return to officially marry Prudence, and how his gay best friend/baby mama to be will help put the happy couple back together. In the NBC sitcom’s six episode season, we’ve only just begun to get to know the characters and their quirks, and Elisha Cuthbert has made every moment of lesbian character Lizzy’s screentime worth tuning in for. Her comedic timing and camaraderie with co-stars Nick Zano and Kelly Brook has us hoping NBC will pick the show up for a second season, which we will find out about at the upfronts in May.

“We’ve got nothing but really great responses in a short period of time which is fantastic, and I think the ratings, too, kind of reflect that as well which is all you can really ask for,” Elisha said on a conference call last Friday. “So I feel like I’ve been getting all good stuff all around, which doesn’t always happen so I’ll take it.”

One Big Happy - Season 1

Ratings for One Big Happy have been pretty steady, with tiny dips and resurgences in the six weeks it’s been on air. There’s so much story left to tell, and Elisha said she is hopeful they’ll have the opportunity to get deeper into the humor of Lizzy’s pregnancy.

“I don’t think we want to rush that. If we got a full second season it would—you know I don’t think the baby would come until at least the very end. I think there’s going to be some really funny stuff in her being uncomfortable and having the big belly and you know Luke and Prudence sort of catering to her,” she said.

Elisha said she hoped for more scenes like one she spent in the doctor’s office when her nurse turns out to be the woman she went on a date with the night before.

“You know getting on the scale and improvising that sort of sound effect when I’m bringing back the weight because she’s embarrassed by how heavy she’s gotten,” Elisha said. “I was almost embarrassed because I thought this was too much and people love it, you know. So I thought, gosh, as embarrassed as I was about the choice I made there, people—they liked it you know so I was like ‘Okay, this is good we’re going somewhere.”

Elisha said she’s had a lot of fun filming the multi-cam show, and was somewhat self-conscious about going too “big” in some scenes, but has been happy to see how well they translated on TV.

“I realized that as big as I thought I was doing—like, you know, as far as like feeling like I was playing it too broad— watching it back, I realized there’s room for more, which is insane to me. I mean I was to the point like I don’t think I can play this any bigger, but it seems to work you know which is fascinating in the grand scheme of things. So it felt right and it looks right to me,” Elisha said.